Sunday, 21 August 2011

piggy tails

Another lazy sunday here in the Clark residence.... well I say lazy but I am always busy even if I dont get dressed lol. washing already been done and is out, altho im waiting for it to rain any minute.... kids have had breakfast and Elsie has already had her morning nap and woken up form it again. and Pual has already been to the car boot and is picking up some shopping on the way back home..... all before 10am too! so maybe not too lazy just not out and about.

so the time Elsie was asleep and Lola had watched the rugrats on tv I managed to do this layout totally and completely inspired by Shimelles pink hoopla challenge over at her blog. here it is:

you'll have to excuse the picture being blurry as my scanner did not like the large gems that I added to the page...but you get the idea right??

when I watched Shimelle on her video putting this page together I was in complete awe of how she layered things up and made big embellishments out of small chipboard flowers... I said to my hubby...I wish I was as talented as Shimelle.... and he came and looked over my shoulder and said, you could do that..... mmmmmm yeah I can recreate pages, styles looks and embellishments in my own way but I dont have the instinct to think outside of the box on my own...It would never have crossed my mind to take a chipboard embellishment and back it with cardstock then frame that cardstock to make a beautiful new embellishment..... that is why I am still a learner.... 8 years on lol.... thats why I love this hobby, it never gets old, there are always new things to use, try and new techniques to learn to keep you evolving into a better and more confident scrapper. 

thankyou Shimelle for your inspiration and teaching..... loved this one xxx

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