Sunday, 20 November 2011

a boy page!!!!

with the boys being older, they don't like their photos being taken so much, and I always find myself scrapping pictures of the girls and hardly any of the boys anymore, so when I spotted a page by Christie on the studio calico Facebook page, that I loved I knew it had to be a celebratory page, and I had the perfect pics from Daniels birthday this year just waiting to be used.

This also tied in with shimelles 20th prompt for the patterned paper party class... and boy do Iuse lots of patterned paper here..... shield your eyes if they don't like madness lol

look at all that LARGE multicoloured bunting!!!
Fab isn't it lol.... the design itself, not boasting about my page lol...

I loved Christies use of paper in this way, I didn't even cut the bunting pieces all to shape, they were very random and if you look closely enough very wonky too lol
the idea behind this prompt was to scrap lift elements of someone else's page but changing it slightly so that it is our own.

I definitely copied the banner element, but Christies had lots of other layering and elements to it, and as you know me, I'm pretty boring when it comes to other bits so I left mine kinda plain as I think on my page, the bright colours say enough xxx

thanks for looking today, hop you've had a good weekend...

Ooooh and we went to see breaking dawn last night, if you are thinking of going to watch it, go... it was AMAZING!!! go team JACOB yum xxxxx

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  1. Fabulous layout Emma! Love your big bright and bold bunting!!! But, unfortunately I have to disagree with you ... I also went to see Breaking Dawn yesterday and it's team EDWARD all the way!

    Carole x