Thursday, 1 December 2011

24 sleeps!!!!!

Happy December!!!!

Today the kids were very excited to have opened the first door on their advent calendars, and I think Elsie moo was very shocked to be having chocolate with her toast for breakfast lol.... something I hope she doesn't get to used to :)

Today also brings the start of the new class that I am taking part in... Shimelle Laines journal your christmas. I have had the introduction this morning and am eagerly awaiting the first prompt so I can start.
with the first prompt came a download.... I wont explain anymore because I can show you... we were told to print it off and fill in the gaps, so heres mine

I must have an honest and open moment with you now... despite having 4 children I don't really DO xmas, yes I buy presents and I love watching the kids open them up and be happy etc, and I always cook xmas dinner and make the table look special... but I never really have the xmas spirit.

Usually I have my Nan here, nagging me to put up the xmas decorations and make the house look xmassy for the kids, but this year is our first without her.... so I have no one to give me the extra boost this time. 
So from now on, and especially for my Nan I will be making a conscious effort to be more xmassy, to have more festive spirit, to be happier, and more into the season... because I know what she would say to me if I wasn't!!!! 
I have had tears already for her not being here with us to celebrate and I am in no doubt that there are plenty more to come, but I have to keep going.... if I don't buy the kids xmas presents who will???? If I don't decorate the house and make xmas special for them, who will???  
This year and every year from now on xmas will be for the kids and for Nan because she loved to do it all for them and now I am taking over the job.

To motivate myself a little more I have joined the class above and will be making a xmas album to follow my first proper journey to xmas, I'm hoping it will spur me on to do the things that I might not do otherwise.... and as I never usually scrapbook xmas at all this will make me do that too!!

I wonder what you are doing this xmas??? do you celebrate big?? 

This morning as I awoke thinking of Nan, I decided to dress Elsie in the last outfit my Nan had brought for her. Nan got it in a sale, and was thinking way ahead as she always did... but now i have something to cherish... I took some pictures of Elsie in it for you all to see. 

Elsie making her funny face at me!

showing off her crawling skills, which I am very proud of x 

Using her second word as she points at the camera.... "LOOK!!"
And another just because I like it! :)

I am gonna scrap at least one of these pics to journal about it being from Nan... its gonna be hard as I haven't attempted to do one for my Nan yet, but its something I have to do as I want the girls to remember what a special lady she was and to never forget her. they may not know her like I did but I will show them how much she meant to me and how much they meant to her.



  1. sending you tonnes of Christmas vibes-Those pics of Elsie are ADORABLE xx

  2. The first thing you need to do to get in the Christmas spirit is to call it CHRISTMAS!!!!
    Then you need to start watching some DVDs with the children, I would reccomend Elf and Miracle on 34th Street. You can get them cheaply on!
    The first Christmas without your Nan is always difficult, last Decemeber my Father-in-law died suddenly so Christmas was strange although we all had fun. All 17 of us! And yes, I cooked.
    Chin up and remember all the good times. I remember my Nan's mince pies, her terrible 1960s silver tinsel Christmas tree and getting her slightly merry and playing Trivial Pursuit.
    Lovely photos BTW

  3. What an adorable little girl?! We are without my step-mum for the first time this year after her sudden death in September and it will be very hard but she definitely wouldn't want to have "ruined" Christmas. Hugs to you luvvie xx

  4. beautiful babe.xxxxx

  5. Ahhh she is gorge !!!! I'm sure your Christmas will be great get those decs up Christmas tunes on and your on your way your nan may not be here in person but she ll be watching over you x

  6. All teary after reading your post. It sounds like your nan's Christmas spirit will live on in you, as you make each Christmas extra special for your family. We will be having the first Christmas without my Grandad this year but I need to be strong for my Nan.

    On a cheerier note, I absolutely adore those photos of Elsie, she seems to have grown up so quickly! xx

  7. Lovely story and what great memories you have of your nan. Enjoy JYC and Christmas, make it memorable for your children, They'll thank you for it!

  8. I've joined JYC too (my first time) & am looking forward to combining this & Ali Edwards' December Daily Album. Very cute pics & great attitude!

  9. OK, we need to get you into the Christmas spirit!!! We can do our Journals together and encourage each other along the way (and yes, give nudges where needed!) I agree with another of your comments, you NEED to watch Elf and Miracle on 34th Street and maybe even National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. You also need to remember to enjoy Christmas for your Nan! It's what she would have wanted for you.

    Elsie is adorable! You need to scrap one of those pics when you are ready to do so.

    I look forward to seeing your day 1!

    Hugs, Carole xxx

  10. Gosh, this post brought a tear to my eye. I hope you have a Christmas your Nan would be proud of - enjoy it for her and you will make it wonderful for your children. The JYC class is brill to help you get in the mood - this is my 5th year and it keeps getting better! Love your photos of Elsie xx

  11. Hi, I'm doing JYC too :) What a lovely post, so very moving. Your Nan would be proud of all you want to achieve I'm sure. It's difficult to be without those ones you love, somehow especially so at this time of year, but whatever you believe in, I reckon they are with you still. And as for little Elsie - she is simply gorgeous xx