Saturday, 19 November 2011

so proud of myself!!!

So I'm finally trying to get back on track with Shimelle Laines classes.... 

todays layout (finished yesterday) was done for prompt 19 which was to use tiny scraps to make a page look special... although this thought was in the back of my mind, for this prompt I was actually more inspired by Shimelles example layouts for it. 

it was a plain white background, with a band of coloured punched butterflies, with the photo mingled in amongst it all... it looked fab. So I took this idea and made it my own.
heres my attempt, and actually I love it!!! :)

I actually started this page with a teeny tiny butterfly punch, and to be hones the punch was a bit rubbish and kept sticking, and the butterlifes were only about a cm wide so it would have taken me forever to do.... but I had this punch of my mums in my craft bag, which I still have from borrowing it on the weekend... thanks mum!

so I decided to use it and use my square punch around it.... then a title came to my head about Elsie being herself etc, firstly I I had actually started this effect by using lots of different pink scrpas from my scrap bag, but when I put it all together it didn't look right, I knew I wanted an odd blue one amongst them so I cut this next...then I chose to find a pink that would compliment the blue, and do the rest the same... and yes this piece also came from my scrap bag. 

I also knew I wanted the squiggly frame around everything and that I wanted the words to have a long trailing tail after them but I don't like my handwriting and was unsure about doing it, I probably would have chickened out had Ali not been here to give me some of my own advice.... she said just do it, if you mess up its just a piece of paper!!! 
thanks Al xxx

I practiced once, and then just went for it and to be honest I'm really pleased with how it turned out. 
so thanks for looking today, let me know what you think xxxx

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  1. And look at how awesome it turned out....yay me!!!