Thursday, 3 November 2011

part one....

Titled so because I am hoping to get more scrapping done today... which might result in more posts, we will see!!!

firstly... isn't the weather looking disgusting right now?!?!! its dark, I have lights on and its yucky wet.... and on the day that we are all going out as a family tonight to watch the fireworks and have a hog roast at Leigh Court!!! what a bugger!!!!
hopefully it will settle down and cheer up a bit but it looks unlikely..wellies and macs for us all I think, will be fun :)

anyways back to business:

something to brighten up the day... 
Pics of Elsie Moo when she was teeny tiny... hand and feet.. with a close up shot of her face, I got asked once how I take such good pictures and my answer was simple... I get up close and personal to everything, I don't really like pictures with a load of background rubbish, for me if you get in close you get the full attention to be on what you want without having all the disturbance behind. 
its not everyones cup of tea but its my style and I like it :)

The sketch today was from Shimelles class again, prompt 13 I think I'm up to now, and it was all about using smaller photographs than the average 4x6, so this one uses little pics matted together to make a 4x4 square.
I then completely copied Jenny Chesnicks layout as I instantly fell in love with it... loved how she used circles to make her page more 3d but using the same patterned paper to do so... I didn't have a large enough circle punch so opted for squares and rounded the corners, I don't think it looks too bad....

I would love to embellish a bit more but I am so awful at it I would rather leave it plain that add stuff and ruin it, Shimelle needs to do an embellishment class next I think!!! I would be first in line.

hope to see you soon xxxxxx


  1. Such a gorgeous layout Mrs C! Love the pics and love babies little fingers and toes, and love the raised bits of the same patterned paper - lovely idea!

    Hope you enjoyed your evening and didn't get wet!

    Carole x

  2. Such a pretty layout. Love the pp's and your photos are adorable.