Wednesday, 16 November 2011

honest opinions please!!!


Here is the page that I started on Saturday, its taken me until now to decide if its finished and to stop adding little bits and pieces to it because I am unsure about it. 
It started off as a simple, sophisticated kind of page... with a little splash of paint, but when I got home I felt it needed something so searched the internet for some downloadable mermaids and it evolved from there.

Cartoony things /embellishments are not really my kind of thing, they usually make me cringe but it needed something to make it more for Elsie than lovely for me. so this is what I chose...

I would really appreciate your honest opinion on this one, what you think I should add or take away?? or what I can do to improve it?? I'm kinda tired at looking at it, and altho I love the picture and the subject itself its stopping me from moving on so its time to put it to bed unless you can think of anything???

It also opens up, see where the mermaids hair over laps the edge?? and where the M overlaps also...thats because that lifts up to reveal hidden journalling and an extra picture underneath. 
The journalling explains about her love of the shower, how she loves to play with the water etc etc

thanks for looking / listening I can't wait to hear your suggestions xxx


  1. i wouldn't add any more-looks fab as it is xxx

  2. I'm with Leigh on this one! Leave it as it is and be proud of such a lovely layout!

    Hugs, Carole x