Wednesday, 9 November 2011

sewing titles.... am I glad thats over!

Prompt 18 of Shimelles class, a mini book to use up loads of patterned papers.. if you know me you will know I DONT do mini books, they are too small, i can't cope lol so I chose a reoccurring aspect of the mini book and applied it to a page to fit in my album.

throughout the book there were years, sewn onto the opposing pages , I loved how this looked so chose this to replicate. It took a long time and I almost ran out of pink thread but I got there eventually and I think my hard work paid off???

the pic isn't the best, its dark here so there is a glare from my kitchen light, sorry about that x... but at least you can see my sewing bit!!!

pics are from 2009.... don't ask me why I chose them, I just scanned through my photos and they jumped out at me. I think I have done some of them separately but never on a page together, i think it works quite well??? I used a sketch from a site that I had never heard of before called sketch support take a look and see what you think.

also I used another website to choose some colours to match... Its my new addiction, I can't help stopping by there everyday to see if something new has been added and its called Design seeds, try that too, you might get inspired like I did.

The next thing I would like to share with you tonight is a page that Lola did.... when I was painting on my layout below she wanted to paint too, who I gave her the same equipment that I used and the same paints, but I gave her a white piece of card stock as I have tonnes of it. 
she made this:

I absolutely love it, I think it will make the perfect background to a page of her scrapping and making a mess.... having fun but at the moment she won't let me use it, she says she doesn't want me sticking pictures on it because it is hers.... maybe if I hide it for a few days she will forget about it and I can steal it for my album!??!!? :)

I love how she doesn't think about things, I over thing everything that I put onto a page yet Lola, and other kids I guess just do it.... its so free and easy, you can see where she tried to cop a few of my lines around the outside, when she first started out she wanted to make it into a house but soon got carried away swooshing paint everywhere!!!

watch this space to se if I manage to make it my own lol

thanks for looking.... I might go a bit quiet for a couple of days, lots to do to prepare for 12 hour on saturday, but I will definitely be back on Sunday if not before to let you in on all the gossip!!!


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