Sunday, 13 November 2011

12 hours of bliss!!!!!

good afternoon ladies!!!

well I survived 12 hours of scrapping, plus 2 hours of preparation before hand and and hour afterwards.... I was knackered when I got into bed at half 11 last night but it was well worth it.

The 12 hour crop went perfectly, a couple of people were unable to attend but those that did made up for their absence. we had good food good company, lots of laughs, it was a great day.

My day started at 5 in the morning when Elsie decided it was time to get up... lovely!!! I then had to sort all the shop stuff to go, my own stash to go, make sure all the food was looking lovely and get that all lined up ready to go. I had to find a secret santa as I had not done mine and thought as the host I had better join in!! 

We got to the scout hut at 8, where we chucked ourselves straight into the hard work, setting up the tables for the mass to join us, setting up shop to look beautiful.. and getting the beef stew and chicken casserole put on so that it had 9 hours to simmer away slowly!! 

We were finished by quarter to ten and good job cause people were already arriving, we started off quiet... it wasn't until 11ish that everyone who was coming had turned up, I was worried that we'd be half empty and all the prep would have been wasted but I wasn't left disappointed. 
I started my class of at 11:30... I was nervous as ever that the 'students' wouldn't like it, or they would find it boring and ugly... but I needn't have worried at all, everybody seemed to enjoy it and everyones looked fabulous, they were all happy. 

here is a pic of the finished page so that you can match up the sneak peaks to the real thing.

This is the page as it looks in my album

And now with the photos flipped... I had told my 'students' to journal on their pulley out bits, so that it was hidden when photos were visible and visible when photos were flipped, as I myself hadn't thought about doing so when I made my own!
It looks a bit bright and mis mashed, but all the elements of the page work together, and as always, I was aiming to teach beginners a technique rather than a finished page, I like them to add their own flare and style to it else I may as well make it for them.
they took away from the class the ability to make a waterfall element without being scared of it and for that I was pleased.

Sue who has only been to the crop twice, loved it so much that she made another one on a smaller scale for her mums album, it was lovely!!!

After that we had lunch and then Stevie from Stampin up came and gave us all a demo and some a hands on workshop, it went down really well... she then loved it so much that she stayed and had some dinner with us and even helped us out with the final judgement for the competition. 

In between helping everyone else I managed to do one page of my own, and start a second one. heres the finished one:

Pic is of Lola in 2009.... wearing my granddads hat backwards, I've loved this pic for ages but never used it... so when I joined a chinese whispers group and got my first page to interpret I found this and took my chance. 
I really should not be posting this page up at all, as in a chinese whispers group you only get to see the layout of the person before you as she sends on a page based on someone else's page every month and you make one up of your own based on the page that you are given. so if anyone else form the group sees this I might be in some trouble. but as I'm new and don't really know anyone there we might be safe for now!!! plus I like it a lot and wanted to share it, willing to take the risk lol

I am halfway through my next page, need to add more paint and more embellishments and I need to move my title slightly as I forgot to allow for the hinge where it opens up!

might be back with that to show you later xxxxx

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  1. Phew! I'm exhausted just reading about your day!!! I'm so glad that it went well and that you, and your guests enjoyed it. Love both your layouts, but especially the one of Lola - cute butterflies! Shhhhh, I won't tell anyone that you posted your LO!!!

    Carole x