Saturday, 5 November 2011

secret secrets!!!! ssssshhhhh.......

Gosh I have lots of secrets today...

Can I tell you.. um no! but I can mention a few bits about it :)

I have been asked by someone to do something special next year, it is crafty and I was extremely overwhelmed and excited and nervous to be asked, I haven't yet said yes as my confidence is low but maybe I will feel better soon?!?!?!

enough said?!?!? I think so :)

Also my other very secret thing is about my class for my 12 hour crop this saturday.... I have finally got around to making a page for it and its not too bad.... for you ladies on Shimelles class, you will have already have seen it!!! ooohhh!!!! so don't tell will ya! :)

It is definitely a beginners class, thats all I can do at the moment... but it has moving bits.... and lots of cutting and a bit of measuring which is unusual for me... nothing over complicated altho the beginners in my group will probably freak about it :)

I can't even post any pics in the unlikely case that one of them might have a looky...which is doubtful but you never know!!!

Right might be back later but right now Moo moo has just woken up...

speak soon xxxxxx


  1. I do hope I won't freak out over the class, especially as I just asked to be counted in.....!!!

  2. Sara you will be fine. making up the kits today so will put your name on one.
    as for the ranger kits, will see what I can do as I have been selling the sale papers off at a stupid low price so I don't think I have any of the ones that I used left, and not may of the sale papers at all, but will do it as cheap as possible for them :) xxx