Monday, 11 April 2011

what a weekend!!!!!

well what a fabulous few days I have had :)..... the weekend started for me on Friday and although it was a very busy day, and I started it off in a can't be bothered kinda mood it turned out really good.

To start the day we had a home visit from Lola's new school teachers, they were lovely... and Lola took to them very well. she wasn't shy at all and was telling stories about this and that and before they left she even invited herself to one of their houses!!! I have no worries at all about her starting nursery, her first day will be on the 4th May.... I cant wait and I know she is desperate to go also. I think daddy's feeling the worst about it as he is realizing that his little girl is growing up, but I know that she is ready for it and needs to go and socialize with other kids. it will be good for her.

After they left I had the docs, which was not a successful trip but hey ho, im changing surgeries soon as ours is really really rubbish.... but the sun was shining so it was all good :)

we rushed back to have lunch.... then met up with Jayne.... she is a mum that I was introduced to via our health visitors, Jayne has a daughter like Elsie, who was born without her left forearm. Evelyn is 7 now and it has been an amazing help for me to see the pictures of her on facebook doing absolutely everything that a 'normal' child her age would be doing. and it was even nicer to finally meet up with Jayne and be able to talk face to face about questions that I had and for her to tell me her experiences with it all. Jayne was lovely, I'm not a very good talker and yet I felt I could talk to her as if we had known each other a while. we ended up in Blaise park so Lola had fun too, we all had ice creams and had a lovely afternoon enjoying the weather.
I definitely left Jayne feeling a lot happier about Elsie and her future.... I wouldn't change her for the world but I do have worries for how she will get on at school, how she will be accepted and what she will be able to do for herself. but I have definitely been helped by Jayne's words..... I hope that if this happens to anyone in the future that maybe I can pay the favor forward and help someone else as Jayne has helped me.

Saturday was crop day....... LOVE CROP DAYS :)....... they are my escape.... my chance to do something that I want to do and I don't have to feel guilty for not putting out the washing, or not making dinner because there I don't have to.
there were a few special people missing this month as they had other commitments but it was a lovely day none the less.... we had 4 new starters which was amazing and they were all lovely. its so fab to have people come along for their first time and fit straight in as if they had been there always. 
I was made to teach my class standing up in front of all the people that wanted to learn..... I HATE PUBLIC SPEAKING!.... but they didn't care, they actually put me at ease as they were all friends. I still don't like doing it tho.I was actually amazed that so many people took part in it. 9 of them did the class which I hoped maybe 4 might do, so that made me happy..... and the fact that all of the pages produced were stunning made me even happier. I was soooo pleased when a few of them went against the grain and used colours and papers that THEY wanted.... I am not the sort of person that thinks that my way is the best way.... I believe that scrapping is a personal thing and should be done how the scrapper wants to do it. I am there merely to advise and point in the right direction. below are few of the pages created on the day. the others are on my mums camera, luckily it died half way through so I have a couple to show you :)
The original class page that I created using stock from my shop

Mummy Ange's page..... I love it a lot, not only does it have pics of cutie pie Isabelle but the colours make it look so calm and mellow.

Keryn's page. more pics of gorgeous baby Isabelle and I think it looks almost vintage in style. particularly love the swirly bit down the side which myself and Keryn had great fun trying to cut out on the cricut! :)

when the day came to an end I was a tired little bunny, but it was well worth it. I had made some great new friends and I gained a little bit of confidence teaching my girls... I thank you all for making crop days so special xxx

Then Sunday came around..... what a SCORCHER!!!
the sun was soooo hot..... so naturally when the sun is out the vodka is too :)
as well as the traditional BBQ, complete with burnt burgers and salad that doesn't get eaten :)
I was actually very good and stuck within my diet allowance AND I lost weight this morning so im pleased.

I had great fun playing with the water with Lola, whilst trying to avoid being drowned in the amounts that she was flicking at me! Elsie moo struggled to sleep as she love to be swaddled up in her blankets but it was far too hot so she had to settle (in the end) for being led next to her soft fluffy blanket.... it did the job for a little while. 
and I managed to catch a few rays and chill out. it couldn't have been more perfect....everyone was happy xxx
Elsie Moo finally asleep!


happy playing with the water

I hope your weekend was as good as mine..... be back soon xxxxxx

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