Friday, 15 April 2011

good thoughts from Thursday :)

good morning....

I was advised by a friend to take each day as it comes and focus on good things that happen each day and overlook the bad stuff. so everyday when possible I will be writing a post about the good things that have happened in my day. its bound to bore you sooner or later tho :)

So good things that happened in the Clark house yesterday...... 

1: Michael and me made yummy chocolate cakes. (pics below) it was really nice as Michael doesn't usually  like to do anything apart from  play a computer, so to spend some time with him alone in the kitchen was great. and his enthusiasm was amazing, when we got the muffins out and they were enormous he was so excited. there is only one left and I didn't have one so they must have been good!!!!
2: Lola went to Zoe's (the childminder). which was nice for all of us. Nice for Lola because she loves Zoe and has some time to herself, and actually gets the attention she craves when she is there as its difficult for me to do things with her when she wants to here. It also gives me and the boys a break. Lola is amazing, she's funny and intelligent (as well as gorgeous, with her crazy hair) but she can be a handful..... she loves to play with the boys but they need their time to do what they want, I cant expect them to do what she wants all the time. and the same with me.... having 4 children and a house to run isn't easy and its impossible to give one child your undivided attention all the time so for her to get out and interact with someone on this level for a long periond of time is very beneficial to her.

3: I scrapped!!!!! I had some me time..... Elsie was asleep., the boys were playing the kinect so I had an hour to work on my next class which I will be using at the 12 hour crop. It relaxes me, I can escape for just a tiny bit into my own world where paper, glue and shiny things are all that matter, and I love it. 
below is a sneak peek of part of my class!!!!!

right Elsie Moo is stirring....... best get a move on..... Im hoping to see my little brother later today, I havent seen him in a couple of years so its a bit scary but something to look forward too.
be back tomorrow with my good things about today :)

have a good one xxxxx


  1. i'm so glad you had some good times yesterday and i think blogging about them is fab!!! taking some time out when you have 4 kids has to be important. have a good one today xxx

  2. I think taking things one day at a time is really good idea. Sadly I have no experience of what is like to be Mother so my advice is limited, but when I have had low times it helps to have somebody who will sit and listen to you. I am great at that. My ears are always here when ever you need them xxx
    P.S Michael’s cakes look amazing!!!!!