Monday, 4 April 2011

lessons learned!

OMG..... what a nightmare I just had. Over the weekend I hired a very large skip to empty our shed of all of its rubbish in time for a nice tidy garden for the summer. Well men being men, my hubby didnt empty it completely and there was still lots of annoying rubbish in there so I took it upon myself to throw out more junk. (there is still masses of room in our huge skip as the metal man who lives across the road pinched half of our scrap!!!)

anyways..... there was me happily throwing stuff away, carrying armfuls of junk through the house, the back door was open so I could get in and out, the front door was open so I could get in and out and the porch door too.... I was doing really well and feeling really pleased with myself until the third trip.....BANG! the blooming front door slammed shut.
little Elsie Moo was sound asleep in her pram, Lola is at Zoe's (the childminder), the boys at school and Paul at work. I had no keys..... no phone (leggings inconveniently for me don't come with pockets) and my baby was stuck inside all on her own, not that I'd imagine she noticed but I knew!!!

I tried knocking on next door, but no one answered.... so panic set in.... I'd have to run around the street knocking on doors til someone was in so I could borrow their phone to call my grandad who has keys to get in.... and keep fingers crossed that Elsie didn't wake up screaming before he got here! It was probably only 30 seconds but felt like hours before (lucky for me) the 2 men from next door came walking down the road. I don't think I've ever been so happy to see them lol, poor guys bet they thought I was a right weirdo!!!

thankfully he let me in the side door, im so grateful for joined alley ways :) and I could get back into my kitchen and check Elsie Moo was OK. she obviously was and had no idea of the trauma her poor mother had just been through. lets just say, the kitchen door is now closed and locked and I wont be doing that again in a hurry. And definitely not when no one else is in the house. See what happens when I try to be a good housewife!!! lesson learned.... drink tea and nurse babies all day, its for the best :)

On a better note tho I managed to sort out a school place for Lola... its all go in this house.
On Friday night I found a letter in Micheal's bag which had been there for about a week.... relating to Lola's school place and giving us information of a meeting about it on Friday, yup I had missed the meeting and was keeping fingers crossed all weekend that she hadn't lost her chance to start nursery early!
I know you are all wondering why I wouldn't empty my kids school bags everyday to check for things like this, but my boys are 9 and 10.... I try to teach them responsibility by making them pack and unpack their own bags, I even asked them to do it on the Thursday night as they had an inset day on the Friday but Michael (the lazy one) only took out his lunch box!!! lets just say I was slightly upset to find this letter late and Michael was not my favourite person in the world at that time.... but all is OK again now as I spoke to the receptionists at school this morning who are asking the nursery teachers to ring me. thankfully Lola will still be able to go to nursery after Easter and Michael wont be in as much trouble!! another lesson learned today.... make sure empty bags means empty!! I will be checking from now on.

right enough from me..... I am supposed to be doing the ironing whilst Elsie is still dozing..... and I need to think about adding my stock lists to this blog?!?!?! mmmm..... I wonder which sounds more interesting?!?!?! watch this space :)


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  1. You poor thing!! Glad you managed to get back in doors ok......your story did make me chuckle. Thank you for cheering up my day x