Thursday, 14 April 2011

on a lighter note......

I have had my moan, my down time..... gotta pick myself back up dust myself down and try to slowly move on.... I have made myself feel better with some retail therapy :)

and it will benefit you guys as I have placed a mahoosive new Lollicrop order.

today I plan to upload a few more items onto my blog shop, and try and get a bit of scrapping done. I can today as Lola Lou is at the childminders, the boys tend to do what they want without me... although me and Mike have just finished making chocolate muffins, they are huge too, so pics to follow!!! and Elsie Moo well she mostly sleeps so I can have some me time in between.

wanna say a big thankyou to all of my friends for the support you have given me , today and yesterday. its so nice to know im not alone and that I can share these bad times with you as well as good times. you're all amazing. much love to you all xxxxxx

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