Tuesday, 5 April 2011

They do say it comes in 3's!

Morning lovely people....

its a very dull and yucky start to the day here in rainy Bristol! not very nice outside at all... and to top it off I feel rubbish too :( My tummy and insides are feeling very tender and sore at the moment, I don't know why its hurting now as my c section was 5 and a half weeks ago and its only just starting?!?!?! very odd, but I guess that's me all over :)

anyways.... I came on to tell another tragic story of life in my household this past week.... lol I make it sound so horrendous and dramatic, when really all that's happened is lots of appliances have inconveniently stopped working!

first our boiler stopped producing hot water, that was about 2 weeks ago and only got fixed on Saturday.... you can imagine how easy that was with 6 of us in the house!! 2 of whom normally have baths over showers!!! must say Elsie was not impressed with the shower at all, and liked it even less than she likes the bath and that's saying something!!! then this past Thursday our dishwasher door broke so it wouldn't close at all meaning we had no hot water and no dishwasher.... I refused to boil the kettle a gazillion times to do the washing up so I sent hubby straight out to buy a new one.... then you can imagine how annoyed I was when I came down Friday morning to find the kitchen flooded out by our brand spanking new dishwasher!! I was not a happy bunny at all :( that went straight back to the shop and we got a different one, a cheaper one but it seems a lot sturdier and hasn't leaked yet (touch wood), just goes to show that you dont always get what you pay for!!  now for number 3.... whilst sterilizing Elsie Moo's bottles last night our microwave died..... no explosion, no popping noise, no warning it just died! not great when you're 5 week old baby only likes warm milk and there's no way in the middle of the night I have time to wait for a boiling kettle to cool down!!! so you can imagine my hubby's happiness when I sent him back out at half 8 last night to go find a new microwave. luckily our Asda is 24 hour , there wasn't much choice but we have a microwave and it works. the kids love it because its black and shiny and the timer is RED.... the fact that it cost about £20 more than I would have liked is not an issue to them lol.

So fingers crossed that is our appliance nightmare over and done with for a few years, cant take any more bad luck in this house, not for a little while anyway, a girl deserves a break sometimes right????

Ooooh before I go I must share this with you.... I received it on mothering Sunday from my girls (well hubby really as I'm sure he has alternative motives) but its lovely, just a shame im on a diet and cant enjoy it as much as I would like. Like I say tho I'm sure Hubby will oblige in helping me out.

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