Saturday, 2 April 2011

Hello there :)

Well Good Morning bloggers.....

I decided to do this blog about a week ago, and have been worrying all week about what to write.Will I bore people to death, will I just ramble on and on about useless rubbish, the answer is simple.... yeah probably but never mind lol :)

I'm not gonna base my blog around one specific part of my life but combine everything I do in one place.

On a day to day basis I'm a mother of 4. I have 2 boys aged 10 and 9, and 2 girls aged 3 and 5 weeks, so life as you can imagine is never boring, always loud and often stressful :)
My days consist of changing nappies, walking up and back from school, cooking and cleaning, attempting to diet and trying to keep everyone happy.... and will do for a long time. All pretty normal, pretty boring tasks that us women are often left with :)

Once a month, to cheer myself up lol, I run a crop.... a scrap booking haven for like minded, crafty people (who I am so lucky to call friends). we all meet up in the scout hut on a Saturday and craft together. Well I say craft but usually we are far too busy laughing, eating or shopping to craft but we do our best!
Not everyone scraps some make jewelery or make cards, some knit. Its amazing the talent that you can fit into one room at any given time. I take a long my little shop too so that if anyone NEEDS anything nice new and pretty or simply wants to build their stash collection they can with my help :) we always have a laugh, sometimes there are tears but most of all we all know we are surrounded by people who care... about us as people and about our passion for crafting, it's fab and I couldn't be without it.

Other than being a mum and a crafter im also a dieter!!!!! or I try my best at it anyways :) After I had my 2 sons I stuck to weight watchers and managed to lose over 4 that I have had my 2 girls I aim to do the same thing. I'm back on the ever loyal weight watchers bus and at the moment I am loving it. it's changed a bit since the last time, you get more points everyday and a weekly allowance on top which all sounds amazing... but most of the food points have gone up also so it balances itself out. Im the type of girl who likes making lists, following rules ( occasionally!) etc etc so its perfect for me. I can weigh stuff without thinking about it, do food lists and shopping lists so I don't go off track, create a weeks worth of food menus which also saves on my shopping bills and still enjoy the food I eat and the weight im losing. I am on week 3 and in the 2 weeks that I have been doing it I have lost half a stone which is fab.... just a few more stone to go until im happy :)

well I think that's enough about me for now. I will be back very soon with a sneak preview of a new idea that im planning for this months crop. ssshhhhh :)


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging!
    Congrats on your super weight loss after just 2 weeks. Making me feel guilty, I really must start making an effort. I used to follow WW too but got bored and stupidly the weight has gone back on!!
    Looking forward to seeing all the crafty projects that you will hopefully share. xx

  2. :) You have spurred me on to try blogging once again..made feeble attempt in 2007. Well done on the weight loss :) much love as always xxx

  3. *blushing* at the ten lines (if that) I wrote way back then. lol so Mrs C i shall try and blog for real :) you did an awesome job x

  4. Hi Em - Thought I'de follow your new 'blog' so that I can keep up to date with things...... although I can't guarantee that I won't miss stuff you know!!! I think its called viral alzheimers and it comes and goes............ LOL