Saturday, 23 April 2011

what a week :)

good morning :)

well as the title says, what a week I have had..... now im gonna have to work backwards so I remember everything that we have done brain doesn't work at the best of times and its only 8am.

so today..... today is gonna hopefully be a quite chilled out and relaxed one, gotta pop up to my nans this morning to see her for a little while, she's really ill so I don't see her very often now as apposed to every day when she was well... I do what I can to help her but wont stay for long with all the kids cause we all know what kids can be like...especially mine it may seem lol ...also got to pick up my mans Easter egg ready for tomorrow, we are like big kids and have to get each other an egg every year...his is very special and I hope hes going to love it...fingers crossed 

then this afternoon (if the thunderstorm holds off) we are going over to my cousins and his girlfriends house for a moving in party/barbecue.... should be fun. 
yesterday.....  the morning was horrendous.... I woke up in the same mood as I went to bed in, AN AWFUL ONE!!!
the boys and Paul had spent the night in the tent in the garden.... don't ask me why it must be a man thing, myself I'd rather be tucked up in my nice cosy bed than led on the very uncomfortable grass without my quilt and having to go outside for the toilet..... um no thanks!!! anyways.... I was not in a great mood but my lovely hubby, bless him, did everything he could to make me feel better, he wanted to make me breakfast in bed but I didn't want anything (not sure if that was cause I wasn't hungry or cause I was being stubborn) by the time I came downstairs he had already done the dishwasher, and put the recycling out and was doing the ironing. all the jobs that I normally have to do myself. so I was very grateful for that.
I made the decision to try and drag my ass out with the kids to shake off the feeling that I wanted to scream, so we made the decision and went to the zoo. 
It ended up being a very cool day.... the sun was shining, the kids were quite well behaved, even Elsie moo didn't mind being in her buggy instead of being carried all the time, I had a lovely time. here are my favourite pics from the day.

my best animals ever..... the lions...... shame the cubs were hiding

the bats had a big fight....... it was quite scary actually

this one lost..... he fell off, didn't fly and then dragged himself across the floor.... hope it was ok
the beautiful flowers in the garden
love Michael's face in this picture, the domes are great for the kids getting close to the Meerkats
a very brave moment for me.... I am so scared of butterflies.... but forced myself to go into the butterfly house so I could get some amazing pictures, I'm glad I did
feeding the Lorikeets..... was great fun.... Lola loved it a lot
the family xxx
so this was our day at the zoo..... after this we went out for a very late lunch, then came home stuffed and tired :)

Thursday..... after dropping Lola to Zoe's, myself and the boys took a quick stroll to the post office to post off another class kit, love the powers of the internet :)
then to allow them to burn off some energy we carried on walking and ended up at Blaise park, we were there at about 9:30am so it was very busy but still quite warm as the sun was beginning to wake up. the perfect time to go to Blaise park if you hate crowds and the kids wanna actually go on something. 

Elsie was asleep, so I sat on a nearby bench and the boys went off to play.... when they came back they found a fallen tree behind where I had parked myself so I managed to get some cool photos of them messing around in the tree. it was lovely actually as usually Lola manages to get in all the pictures so to have some time for just the boys was fab. here are a couple.

a Robin friend that I made whilst quietly enjoying the sun
a rare picture of Daniel alone
the stunning tree x
shame about Michael's funny face!
my big boys.... growing up too quickly

right.... I think I have said enough today... maybe I will inform you of my other days another time.... as you can see I have many lovely pics now so might just have to squeeze in a bit of scrapping.... have a fab day xxxxx


  1. loves ya Em, seems like you had a good one :) one small hiccup but hey! everyone gets up "mardy" sometimes, and hiehie it got your ironing done, back of the net!! Paul is sweet, when I went through rough patches all mine did was leave me and everthing else alone. lol Any hozzles hope the next week is as good as this one or even better. xx

  2. awwww what gorgeous pics xxxxx