Saturday, 2 April 2011

2 in one day?!?!?

afternoon.... or nearly evening :)

I just wanted to share a bit of stuff with you, don't get used to me blogging so often, im sure it wont happen everyday lol I. bet you're glad to hear that :)

today I finalized and finished a little project I have been working on for my crop. I get asked by some of my crop ladies to teach them certain things about scrapping. its all basic stuff which everyone can do but some of them, (yes Ange you included) are capable but maybe lack confidence in what they are doing?!?!? so I decided I wanted to help them, but I'm not good at standing up in front of people telling them what to do... I lack people skills, confidence levels are suffering lots and im not a great talker, so I decided I would try a new way that would allow me to help people who want it, without putting myself as centre of attention... but at the same time it isn't in the face of people who are so much better than me at scrapping who come to crop also :)

so I have designed a class, this one is about easy distressing techniques, i made a page using stash available from my shop... which people can choose to use or not.... and I have typed up an instruction sheet with photos!!! how good am I!!!! lol im hoping it is easily understandable but I am gonna be on hand to help out if people need it.

here are a few sneak peeks of the page that I have designed, let me know what you think xxx


  1. :D ok so you sussed me out..I lack confidence big time Em, so much so that I sometimes can't even bring myself to start a project.. Big thank you for even taking on board that some of us would like to be shown techniques esp as you have so much on you plate. I am very grateful indeed and soooo understand you not wanting to be the centre of attention,I loose confidence just walking around the tables ;) lol and I think it will work wonderfully from what I can see ( she peers closer to the picture and nods her head as she recognises a paper or two she already has) Good job Em and gracia's. Oh also you can blog as often and as much as you like, why? cause I say so. Give those lovely girls of yours a cuddle from me, I would send one to the boys too but they would not approve I'm sure. {{hugs}} xx

  2. thanks Ange.... dont forget your black and white piccy then :) and we will have you scrapping away and loving it xxx

  3. Kez and I are getting together in the week to get all our stuff prepared, not like last time, where getting Isabelles stuff came first. nah ah :) x

  4. lol that's it Ange get your priorities in the right order this time babe :)
    cant wait til saturday, I hope you will like the class... im a bit scared xxx

  5. Dont be scared will be fab as always. Please please please can you send me a copy of the ideas sheet?? I really want to have a go at this LO xxx