Thursday, 22 March 2012

a good mix


a quick blog before the house turns crazy again, yesterday was a bit of a nightmare day for me so hoping today will be quieter but not too quiet :)

I had a dreaded smear test yesterday morning, I am very naughty probably like most of you and avoid them as much as possible, however we shouldn't do it really as its not good for us, so i bit the bullet and went. yes they are embarrassing and not very nice but they don't last long and are the best thing to do in the long run.
so if you have been avoiding yours, book it now!!!!

I usually have my free day on a wednesday, where i meet with my online friends and we have a mini crop, but my mum had to work so I could only watch from the sidelines. as Elsie and crafting aren't a very good mix, then more trouble came as Lola finished at half day, as she always does on a wednesday and was very poorly when she got back. 

she had a high temperature, was complaining of a headache and sore eyes and that her back and neck were also aching... after seeing her go downhill i took her to the docs, the only appointment I could get was over dinner time, so we didn't have the roast i was planning either. 
thankfully its just a virus, she's still not too good this morning so is at home again but she is playing and has moved off of the sofa so she must be getting better. 

My nice normal peaceful wednesday off, was the complete opposite with 2 doctor visits, poorly girl a clingy baby who didn't want to sleep and no crafting... I was not the happiest of people but thats life I guess. Im looking forward to monday when we are doing it again :)

I can show you a page i finished first thing yesterday, I started it tuesday night as i knew I wouldn't get a lot done yesterday, and its quite nice.
the pictures are pretty disgusting but I love them anyways, here it is:

This is elsie sneezing!
The journalling tells you how i had got the camera out to take pics of her surrounded by wet wipes, which is her favourite game at the moment, and as I was taking these she started to sneeze so I couldn't resist, it wasn't till i uploaded them to the mac that I saw exactly how detailed these photos were.... snot , dribble and all!!!
Im sorry but i had to scrap them, wouldn't be much of a scrapper if I left them to the side now would I!!!!!

so now onto how the page came around, the sketch is form my new favourite place
if you click the link it will take you direct to the sketch page. 
I also used a challenge from scrap, i won't link this page up as you have to be a member to view but march inspiration piece was a colour combo from design seeds:

So i used these colours with that sketch and came up with this page... the embellishments include very little but thats just how i like it... I included a crochet flower that I received for my birthday from my very crafty friend Emm Gee.... I was happy to find these as i thought I had used them all :)
I also used some Dear Lizzie epoxy stickers and a die cut from the claire range from SEI.
Im quite pleased with how it turned out but would like to know what you think?!?!?!

thanks fro popping over today, hope to see you soon xxxx


  1. I love this layout! I would never think to take a photo of someone sneezing, so love how it's different! Cute photos! Love the little crochet flower (I hope one day to be able to make some of those!) and the other one too (is it a zipper?)

    Carole xxx

  2. Hello from ScrapHappy! Love this layout. I find as my son gets older that the less "posed" his baby photos are the more I love them. Great job!