Tuesday, 6 March 2012

oooh its a big one!!! :O

and by BIG ONE I obviously mean double layout! :)

I have found a new site that I have fallen in love with its called scrapbook challenges and has a forum, weekly sketches, and other challenge pieces ...enough to make an eager beaver like me happy :)

my double page comes from their sketch 284 which was the latest when I joined and you can find that here

if you can get on because you need to sign up, I suggest you just sign up as its free and an endless supply of inspiration! plus they seem very lovely over there, you never know you might make a new friend :)

anyways enough gassing here is my page:

I must admit, doing a double page is really out of the ordinary for me, I struggled hard with it...pulling the pages together was difficult for me, but i think it works now. 
the thing that made it work was that circle of patterned paper, that I had only moved into my main paper box last week after it had been giving in my scrap bag!??!?! 
I just think having the 2 ends on separate pages makes it more like one? what do you think?!?!?!

Pics are of Elsie the day before her first birthday, she was getting up to mischief with my scrap bag, saying ah ah ahhh as she did it too, little minx! who can resist that cute smile and cheeky grin tho!!! definitely not me.

and see those flower embellishments?!?!? guess who made those little beauties!!!! only me!!! :) 
I added a pinterest board to my account called flowers that Carole sends: my friend Carole is determined to make me add more faff to my pages and to make them more girly, to do so she was linking me up to a load of paper flower embellishment links so I mad amy own board and have given her access to pin on there. she has found some lovely ones.... and some not so lovely ones lol but I am trying to work through them and add them to my pages. these area  couple I tried the other day!!!

no if only she would do more of my challenges to her :)

see you tomorrow as tomorrow is SCRAP DAY!!!!!!!


  1. shhhhhhhhh! Don't make my challenges public or I might HAVE to do them!!! :) I do try you know! You just love a challenge!!!

    Love this double page - you're right, the circle does help to link the two halves. Those pics of Elsie are just sooooo cute, even if she is being a minx!!!

    Love your flowers (thank goodness all those pins are working!!!)

    Keep up the good work!

    Carole xxx

  2. fabulous double.. and too cute photos.. great colouring and we love that your having so much fun with us... hugs Bev SC DT

  3. Great job on the challenge. Cute pictures. :)