Sunday, 11 March 2012

what a weekend!

Good afternoon!

and what a lovely one it is... the sun is shining, the tunes are on and everybody in the house is happy. can't ask for more so I'm a happy bunny.

today we have been tidying up some rubbish around the house, we've also been shopping as its Lolas 4th birthday tomorrow, she wanted a princess my little pony, but neither I or Paul had seen it advertised so we took her shopping to find it, she'd only be devastated if I got the wrong one, she has had it a day early but don't worry, she's got plenty of little surprises for the morning :)

Yesterday was crop day, can you believe its 3 years since Lollicrop started! I still can't get over it being that long, I'm so grateful to everyone for coming, my regulars and those who only make it now and then as they are the people that have kept it going so long. 

As a treat and a special thank you I got a chocolate cake to celebrate and also gave them a challenge with a prize, Geri won again!!! this is the second time in a row, so she was chuffed.
I never vote, nor does Ali, I leave it down to the girls who come to choose their favourite as it seems the fairest way.... there was a close second, but Geri came out on top. 

i also sent round a piece of paper requesting ideas for classes that the girls want to take, Leighs suggestion!! :)
I love giving them new things to try but its sometimes hard to think of things that they might want to learn, so I let them do a little bit of work. 
i had some great feedback and lovely ideas of what I could teach them so watch out for these in upcoming months!!!

I managed to complete 1 page yesterday, time seemed to fly by even tho I didn't do a class! 
and have finished the second page I started this afternoon, do you wanna see???

I didn't know what i was gonna do when i first got there so I asked Ali to choose me some photos, I often do this when i have no clue what to do..just to kick start myself
she chose these photos of the boys, it was after our sunday lunch outing for Elsie's birthday, they went wandering down on the rocks, whilst we sensibly stayed on the path, and typically for him, Michael slipped in, he was covered in yucky stinky mud.... disgusting!!!

the papers and button came out of my new studio calico kit, how i love them so!!!
the journalling spots came from my shop, they are lush aren't they?!!?! maya road ones, i couldn't help myself so bought one for myself.

Its not one of my favourite pages but its a finished page so I'm happy!

onto the next:

and now for the one I like.... I took this picture of Lola on our way out for sunday lunch, the day after Elsie's birthday. 
the sun was shining in her eyes so daddy gave her his sunglasses, the way she looked around at me just made me think of a movie star, i had to take a photo.
i used pieces from this months studio calico kit, the brown pleated piece is from an old kit too, I'm not sure what I'm gonna put inside the polkadot pocket, maybe a letter to Lola if I get around to it at some point. 

I often struggle to fill my pages with faff, as we've been calling it lately. so I tried real hard this time to faff it up a bit. the die cut star that I did myself looked a bit plain and boring on its own so i added some sunday funday circle bunting to it, think it makes it stand out more. the glitzy ribbon fits in really well with the glamourous side of the page, a little bit of twinkle never hurt anyone!
Also notice the wooden letters on both of my pages..... these are new in stock to me and have sold out, plus i have a few extra orders for them too..... they are gorgeous and suitable for so many different pages, shout me if you NEED them too :)

signing off for now, things to do and all that,

see you soon xxxxx


  1. Both lovely layouts! The papers on your Boys page are gorgeous, a little bit different! Loving the little wooden letters and the journalling spots :)

    Lola's page is adorable! Love the colours (kraft + pink = gorgeous!) especially loving the paper bag, it's lush! Great faffing too, well done you!

    Carole xxx

  2. Love that "map" paper and the different shapes on that layout...and the movie star page - awesome! Love them both! More great work my dear! ;)