Friday, 16 March 2012

getting kinda lazy!!

oops its been 5 days since i blogged last! sorry ladies.... in my defence it was Lola's birthday monday, we all had a fab time at soft play and then McDonalds, got back later than we should have on a school night but oh well... it was only once!

Then tuesday we had a hospital visit for Lola, something that I was really worried about but again, it was just a complete waste of time. We waited there for 2 hours to be ASKED how she was doing.... and then told to just come back in a couple of years!!! I could have analysed myself that she was fine and saved myself some time!
He did say that if we wanted to he could do an op on her little arm to make the end a lot smoother, as from birth she has a little finger there and a crease where the arm didn't form has been cousin her a few issues as she is crawling around on it all the time, its gotten sore a few times which i have treated with cream.... but Im hoping it won't be too long until she walks and then that problem will be behind us. 
I don't see the point in putting her through more pain and agony when its not really doing her much harm. 
He did say we could decide but I already decided no....  she's been through enough. 

that afternoon, she had another appointment, this time with the health visitor to do her 1 year check. 
she thinks she is doing great, she now weighs 21lbs and is already 2ft 6.5 tall!!! thats half the size of me already and she is only 1!!! both of them are gonna tower over me when they are teens, something I'm not looking forward to!

Then Wednesday I was poorly, had a nice girly lunch planned, but that all went out the window, Thursday was another big day for Elsie as she had her injections.... at least its all over with now, she cried her little heart out, but lots of mummy cuddles and a bottle of milk soon soothed her.
She is a bit out of sorts today, and is currently in bed sleeping...hence how I have time to write this :)

I haven't had time to do too much scrapping, as you can imagine with my busy week, but I have sneaked a couple of pages in whilst they have been asleep, or I've snapped a quiet 5 minutes:)

here they are;

the first was finished on monday and is a bit girly and faffy even tho it is a photo of the family:

I used the basis of Shimelle Laines starting point, for as much as I used 4 patterned papers to create a larger square at the base of my page. I then added more and more until I couldn't take it anymore :)
I also made those gorgeous rosette flowers with my new Tim Holtz die and hand cut the floral background from a paper that I had in my scrap box. 
I think it is quite feminine but the blue patches stop it from being too over the top for having the boys in the photo too. 
I also wanetd a quote about families and found this one on the internet to be just perfect as this picture was taken on Elsie's first birthday.

This next one I absolutely love!
The pictures are of Lola and her bezie Georgia at Elsie's birthday party the other week. its funny how they are so different and yet still really good friends.
Georgia must be a saint for putting up with Lola and how she pulls her about, makes her have photos when Georgia's actually quite shy, but she never complains, just goes along with it, poor girl lol. 
And as you can see , once again I have used those stunning wooden letters, can't get enough of them...they seem to suit every type of page.
The sketch for this came from sketchbook challenges, check them out here
that link will take you straight to the sketch that I used.... its lush!
I did my usual and tinkered with it a little but thats what sketches are for right?

then my last page:

I have finished this morning, whilst having a cup of tea with Bamps... I had started it last night but it was getting late, and I was tired so left it until was starting to annoy me if I'm honest. it just looked a bit wrong, but I have moved some bits around and its woking a lot better for me :)

Those newspaper print flowers I made myself from a pinterest pin that I added to my boards a while back. 
yopu actually make them by using a circle punch or die, and a corner how these look!!!

the wash tape is my newest purchase thanks to Mrs G!!! she came home from shopping on the weekend and told me all about what she had been buying in John Lewis.... this Cath Kidson wash tape!! how could I resist!!! if you're interested its £7 for the 3 rolls, and you will find it in the cards and stationary section...not in the craft section...not that the customer service ladies in our craft section know anything  about craft whatsoever as when I asked her she didn't even know what wash tape was!!! and you call yourself a crafter!!!! tut!!!

anyways these pics are of Elsie moo and were again taken on her first birthday as the sun was shining, she could play on the trampoline for the first time, she loved it so much that we had a job to get her off!!!

right really must be going now, my home made tomato soup is ready and smelling gorgeous, and I can also hear moomin starting to stir!!! 

see you all soon xxxxxxx


  1. Lovely pages, and of course I love the handmade flowers. Will have to try the circle punch and corner rounder ones. Do I spy 'Suffolk puffs' on the best friends page? Did you make those as well. If not, I can show you how! xx

  2. All your pages are lovely, but your "Birthday Bounce" is beautiful - love everything about it! Love the graph paper, love the spots especially love the flowers and all the brads, it's just gorgeous.

    Glad to have been of assistance in the finding of the washi tape - bit of a bargain, and Cath Kidston too!

    Love that all your layouts have flowers too ;)

    Carole xxx

  3. Your layouts are gorgeous! Beautiful family, congrats!

  4. Just stopping by from Scrapbook Challenges ( . I love these layouts. They are all so sweet and adorable. Have a great day!

  5. really cute pages... sure glad your having fun with us using the sketches... cute photos.. great pages..