Monday, 19 March 2012

perfect day

Good morning!

im in such a good mood this morning, the sun is shining, i've made soup for my dinner tonight (minestrone!!! and it smells delicious)
I've already done some food shopping and dropped Elsie at Zoes for the day so its just me and Lola.... 
the washing is out blowing on the line and all the housework got done yesterday so today I am relaxing with my girl.

do you wanna see what we had for brunch???

looks lush doesn't it?!?!? it tasted pretty darn good too!!! its called honey cloud pancakes and its from a recipe that I found on Pinterest, yup theres that place again, and its good for everything!!!
if you get a chance for a lazy sunday brekkie you should make these, they are delicious!!!

So now onto weekend news.... happy belated mothers day to all those yummy mummys out there!
I had a lovely day, breakfast made for me, a handmade card from Lola and the new twilight dvd too. 
we did have to do a bit of food shopping first thing, but then we took a drive down to cadbury to see my mum and surprise her at work with her mothers day presents, and so the girls could see the animals down there.... we then went to my brothers in the afternoon to meet my new niece.
things haven't always been peachy between myself and my dads side of the family, but despite it al I have always been closest to my brother. and as he had his first baby a couple of weeks ago how could I not go visit??? 

it was lovely, things were relaxed and lovely and baby Brooke was just gorgeous, heres a pic of Lola with her new cousin

Aren't they both soo cute!! 
I daren't let Elsie too close to her as she pokes the eyes of all the dollys in this house so I didn't risk it.

then we had friends visit in the evening and the boys came home so it was all in all a fabby day!!!

plus over the weekend I managed to do this page:

After LOAD I signed up for a website called Scraphappy, its a forum and challenge site etc etc so this came from the march sketch challenge over there. 
the journalling tells about how Lola used to have a number 2, in a corner between my sofa and a cabinet, so it got called pooh corner, we always knew what she was doing when she hid here. its quite funny because its a very pretty girly page and yet its all about poop!!!
a bit gross but it had to be done, if only for the embarrassment factor when she grows up :)

thanks for looking today, see you soon xxxxxx

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  1. Oh my goodness, those pancakes look to die for!!!

    Love your page too, despite the subject matter ;) love how you used your washi tape, especially that cute little flower thingy!!!

    So glad that all went well when visiting the new baby :)

    Carole xxx