Friday, 2 March 2012

swotty knickers!

So yesterday we got our next instalments for the chinese whispers group that I'm in... you know the one where we follow the persons layout and interpret it in our own way, then forward to the person in front of us at the 1st of every month!?!?!!

well if you didn't know, thats what happened, so yesterday being the first I got my email from Judy with her lovely page on and I was immediately inspired to do it.

here is what I did: sssshhh obviously!! ")

pics are of Elsioe last week after she decided that her cheese and crackers was much better off on her head than in her mouth! I'm sure she's cottoned on that if she makes this much mess then she has a bath afterwards lol. she does love her baths!!!

I cheekily borrowed mums new cricut 2 machine that she left here from Wednesday, I didn't ask her to leave it but she was going out and forgot to take ti as has my Grandad every day since, so I thought why not, its just sat there staring at me!!! :0 I'm sure you don't mind do you mum????

that new alphabet looks great doesn't it!?!?! :)

the original had a banner on it, butt hat didn't work for me so I exchanged it for buttons going across my page, what do you think?!!??!

in other news... we got our letter today for Elsie's 1 year review at the hospital, you know with that guy from last year who told us to get on with it?!?!?  its next week, and I'm definitely not looking forward to sitting in hi waiting room again for 2 hours just so he can say she's fine, right now I know she's fine and to be honest I don't see the point in sitting there for that long just to be told by him. but we have to go, just incase there may be something else, I know there won't but its our duty as parents to take her, so we will. if it was for myself theres no chance i'd be going!!!!

also some more good news yesterday as Daniel got the place in the senior school that we wanted, which is good as its the closest one to us and he can get there himself and more importantly i can get there quick should there be any problems. just waiting now to hear about lolls place.


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  1. Cute pink page!!! Love the wavy line of buttons (even if they are yellow!!!) and the way you've made the middle photo smaller and scalloped. Yuck though to having cheese and crackers in MY hair - each to their own I say!!!

    Carole xxx