Sunday, 4 March 2012


hello there!
I've been playing these past couple of days, with some different ideas on what I can teach my beginner ladies at crop. they aren't beginners anymore really but lets say the less adventurous.

I also have lots of distress stickles and distress inks in stock which look lovely on pages but rarely get used by my girls so i thought I'd try and combine the 2 this month. my first attempt didn't go so well.... I'm not the best at grunge but I tried. it didn't quite end up as i had hoped and went into the bin.

m second attempt was more successful and has ended up being a page which will go into my album but I don't think I will do it for a class, as its not amazing.

here it is:

I only used a distress ink pad and distress stickles of the same colour. faded jeans in my case. 
it doesn't show much, and if i was to do it from start to finish it would take very long either so thats why I'm not doing it as a class, but I don't think it looks horrendous, but not good enough to expect people to pay to learn. 

more news form today.... its Sunday so we are being lazy, Elsie had ear infection but is better now, Lola has a virus and is on antibiotics but she's getting better slowly and Paul has a lung infection!!! so exciting in this place I tell you, if you come to visit don't forget your mask!!!
I also ordered more photos from photo box this morning (for free) if you want me to recommend you please shout as you will get free photos and so will I!! bargain!!! :)

can't believe crop is only a week away, this month is special as its out third birthday, that means cake and a competition!! there are also a lot of us this month, which is nice after last months mini disaster!! so 21 people so far will eb a great atmosphere I'm sure. can't wait!!

have already written up the newsletters, ordered new stock which should be here by thursday and i've planned the competition..... 

go me!!!


  1. i LOVE this one Emma :) xxxx

  2. I too love this one Emma! I love that it is different, that you are so brave to try new things and that it has flowers!!! You definitely need to use more flowers :)

    Carole xxx