Wednesday, 5 September 2012

a page, a card and a pic!

So im going to indulge you with all 3 things tonight :), so unlike me i know lol
but today has been a bit of a biggy!

Its my mums birthday, happy birthday Mum, hope you liked your card, and flowers and dinner :)
talking of card, thats number one thing on my list for you to see:

I made this yesterday, even when I felt rough with food poisoning! and im quite proud of it if im honest! I dont usually do cards, its not really my thing but I really enjoyed this one and actually quite like it. I used a pin on my pinterest board as big inspiration and added my own spin to it to recreate this for Mum on her special day. 

the second thing to show you tonight is my latest page. I used Shimelle's day 3 prompt as inspiration for it.... and a Challenge from Shimelle's challenge list also to start me off. 
Day 3 prompt was keep moving forward, i first thought i would do a photo of Lola's feet when she was younger but it wasn't calling to instead i took the prompt literally and as I'm doing a class on layering to improve my skills I did a lot of my own layering and my own ideas to come up with this layout, there for moving forward with my scrapping!

anyways enough gassing, here it is:

It uses a picture of Elsie on her first birthday, I love it because ti shows off her quite large teeth, also known as goofy goofers! :)
I chose the shimelle challenge to put things in a straight line across the page, I then added the pink cut off strip from one of the patterned papers and only stuck it down at each end, i then used this as a bar to tuck layers under and over. I used repeating patterend circles and other shapes to bring it all together and the glittery alpha to give it a bit of glitz :)
let me know what you think!

now onto my third and last 'thing' for you to look at!
I havent told you yet, but as well as doing Shimelle's class and Jen's class Im also signed up for a free inspirational thing called Big Idea Festival over at big picture classes. 
Everyday for a fortnight they are giving you a challenge with possibilities of winning a prize. I entered the card above for day 1, as it was simply to make a card that you are going to give to someone, that i did!
and todays was fab..... a list of fun photo opportunities for your family. there were 25 different things in this list and you just had to choose one and upload it to the site. 
I am keeping the list and must admit to doing a few of those today but I will jus upload my favourite for you, here it is:

its 4 pictures of Lola making letters with her hands, and I've stitched them together to spell the word love!
I think its pretty cool and have already flagged the picture to print so that I can scrap it :) I love the concentration on her face and getting her to make all the letters itself was very funny, the 'e' took forever and you can see how hard work it is on her face lol
It was quite a challenge trying to stitch the pics together, if you use a mac you will know what i mean, but eventually i found the perfect app and when I did it literally took seconds to do, im so pleased!!!
just incase you need to knwo the app was called Collagelt pro. it cost £2.99 and was well worth it, I can feel a whole ton of sewn pics coming on :)

ok so Mr Clarks out playing real life zombies for the night so im gonna go chill out with my boys and watch what i want to watch on tv :)

have a  good one xxxxxx

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  1. so fabulous the colourful butterflies on your card