Saturday, 1 September 2012

September classes

Its September :)

Im back into classes mode again and as not to let anyone down I'm signed up for more than 1 again this month.
the first of which being 'pop off the page' by Jen Jockisch and is being held over at the studio calico blog, its to teach me how to layer better, adding more things on to pages than I normally would. to be fair thats not difficult as I'm really rubbish at is usually. sometimes find it hard to add any embellishment at all but hopefully this class will help me out.
The other class I have signed up for is another by Shimelle Laine and is called 'Learn something new every day', but now i've typed that long title once it will now be referred to as LSNED :)

I have got to work on both, being the first of september and the eager beaver that I am i couldn't help myself and both are very different. 

Day 1 of Shimelle's class, as far as i can see at the moment was just to write in a notebook about your last big life adventure and what you think it was??? I have gotten so far as to write the sentence that we were told to copy but I haven't finished that off yet..... I don't know what my last big adventure was???? have i even had any big life adventures???? having children? getting married?
or something as simple as the spur of the moment trip to Noah's ark zoo farm that we took the girls on last week? i have no clue and don't want to sound silly for doing something wrong so haven't written anything down yet. I'm sure more will be clearer soon.

As for Jens class, I have a page to show you :) wanna see??????

As if you ever had a choice?!!? lol
So do you see a difference yet??? notice all the extra patterned papers? all the embellishments that are usually very absent in my pages, and do you like it more or less???

I prefer it, I think? i had a great time chucking different elements on the page making it similar and following the instructions to Jens page but also tweaking it quite a lot to make it my own.
And i love it mostly because of the photo.... the only one missing is Elsie, she was there tho I promise but sometimes its easier to leave her in her buggy once you manage to get her in it :)

right, think I'm gonna go study the next class section before bed.

hope you've all had a great September so far
see you soon 



  1. Best of luck adding to your pages!
    That is a challenge for me to:)

  2. Jen's stuff looks great and I really like your page inspired by her class.