Sunday, 2 September 2012

day 2

September 2nd and that brings another page from me!

This time I have combined both classes into one layout and I think it has been pretty successful, I like it anyways :)

I chose to use Wilna Furstenburg's page as inspiration for this page, I loved the layers getting smaller and smaller until they met the photo, I also took words from Jen Jockisch seriously as i only used scrap papers that were in my studio calico kit box, and right on my desk waiting to be used. 
I also used Shimelle's day 1 prompt as a theme for my page and chose a picture according to that theme of adventure.
I love how Elsie's face is so excited and really lit up by seeing this baby chick that Lola was holding. It made the rush to get out, and actually going out so late in the day on a spur of the moment whim so worthwhile. 
The large journalling tag can be taken out of its little hole and read if necessary and I added a few extra embellishment layers to keep my momentum going :)
I even stamped too lol

so anyways, its been a long day, I was putting lamb in the slow cooker at 3am as i forgot to start it when i went to bed! so now I'm gonna kick back and relax in front of rubbish on the tv, or maybe i'll read the next Shimelle prompt and be inspired all over again? watch this space xxxxx


  1. Great layers and I love all the stitching.

  2. Excellent job on the layout! The layers are lovely and the photo is adorable!

  3. What a beautiful take on Wilna's page - I was trying this one out myself this afternoon, not as successfully as this I think!