Monday, 3 September 2012

Day 3.... learning!

Todays prompt is about feet and moving forward, in person, in life in everything!
Ive been thinking about this all day and journalled about it this morning, I think its time I got my ass back onto the sw wagon, im not getting any slimmer or fitter eating crap every day and its not as if i dont cook good meals, because i do, its the other rubbish that I put into my mouth, so I guess this is my kick to myself to start eating right again, time to shed some pounds once more!
Ive done it before and can do it again, just have to get my head in the right place, often more difficult that it might seem!

anyways todays page has to do with yesterdays prompt, which was learning / teaching, who has taught us things in life that we will never forget. 
I of course journalled about my Nan, who i miss so much every day, but who taught me so much about life, people, everyday stuff. 
I however am not running my journalling notes alongside my scrapping themes and im taking a different aspect of the prompt into my pages, so todays is about Lola.... and how she learns through play.

This is a pic of Lola dressed up as the Queen whilst at playgroup with Zoe, the childminder. 
It was during the week of Queens Jubilee and they had a little party to celebrate and were each given books about the queen and jubilee. 
Lola has had so many influences in her life already, as we all do as children, Zoe is one that will be missed now that Lola is starting proper school. 

The layering aspect and layout idea itself came from the pop off the page class that im also taking. this is still lesson 1and the third page I've done from it so far. 
I used Kim Stewarts page as inspiration to cluster the layers together in one direct area of the page. 
I quite like how it has turned out, and its so not me!

right off to enjoy the sunshine whilst it lasts

have a fab day xxxxx

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