Friday, 21 September 2012

crafty tuesdays!

Good morning crafters :)

both of my girls are poorly sick today so a quiet duvet day at home for us.... as Elsie's asleep on the sofa i can catch up with you guys here real quick and show you a little of what i've been up to this past week.
Carole and I had our crafty day as usual this week! hooray we have our day back! and ok its changed from a Wednesday to a Tuesday but at least we get a day that we can share crafting. 
Its really weird when you meet someone who is completely on your wave length, Carole and I met through a Shimelle Laine class.... we visited each others blogs for a while, then found each other on face book and talked there, eventually we spoke on Skype a few times and then met up.... now I feel lost if i don't speak to her in a few days.... its really weird lol
living so far apart we don't get to see each other for real very often, sometimes we meet in Clarks village for a shop and a coffee and Carole has travelled up to my crop which was lovely but usually we just meet on Skype once a week to have a crafting day together. 
It usually ends with her telling me to get on with it, or me telling her not to be such a chicken when it comes to wet stuff :) and we always end up creating nice things, quite often when we don't have anything specific to do we choose a sketch and work on it together. 
This happened this week (altho I did have a ton of other craft commitments but sshhh)
Carole chose a sketch and we both did it.... this is my version of that sketch:

When Carole posts hers on her blog i will link you up as we NEVER end up with anything that looks in the slightest bit similar. this comes from Carole following rules and me being a complete rebel as she likes to call me! 
Find Carole HERE!!!
I did start by sticking to the sketch, but I didn't like it so I took it a part, played with it a bit and ended up with this... please have a look at how different they are, it never ceases to amaze me lol

 This is the second page that i almost finished during our crafting session:

I say almost finished as I had to leave to pick Elsie up from Zoe's and Lola from school so I didn't quite finish it in the time i had but i think its done now....altho i may add a small title to the journalling block when i get a minute.

Pics are of Paul, his cousin Graham and his uncle Nigel.
I took them in Bude last weekend when we visited for the wedding of Chris and Steph. 
this was the day after the wedding when the boys wanted to go for a surf.... they were very brave as i was freezing just stood watching, and even more so when i got soaked by an unexpected wave coming in but thats another story :)

I hope you've enjoyed these.... If any of you are interested, I'm making class kits for crop and any other people who may be interested. 
I will release one per month and it will include everything you need to make 1 page including instructions (you will also have leftovers to include on other projects)
The first one I have done will go on sale at the next crop on the 13th October and costs £5.50
I have limited numbers of these as stock can only go so far but if you are interested in purchasing one please let me know and I will add you to my list.  

thanks and bye bye for now xxxxxx


  1. I'm loving having "our" crafting day back too! Missed it over the summer! I too can never believe quite how two layouts from the same sketch can turn out so differently except that you always move everything around! You ARE a rebel!!! But I do now feel bad for making you do a sketch with me when you had loads of other stuff to do and now have poorly children so can't do it now either :/

    Love your Move My Jagger layout, Lola looks so cute in her tutu, and the other layout is stunning despite being so simple (and yellow!)

    Big Hugs

    Carole xxx

  2. Hope your girls are better now Emma :) Your page is wonderful, as are all your layouts. Suzie xxxx :)