Friday, 7 September 2012

a fave of mine!

Evening ladies, and possible gents?!?!?!? :)

Im here to share really quickly with you a page that I made at 5:30 this morning. I have been trying really hard with my new layering skills and thinking about all the things that I m learning in Jen Jockisch 'pop off the page class'

So as I couldn't sleep, and everyone else was still sleeping, I had an hour to myself to put something together and that I did, here it is:

To get started on this i used the day 4 prompt from Shimelle Laine (LSNED) which was to do with out surroundings, and as I spend most of my time at home I chose home as my keyword. 
When I was putting the page together I used all scraps from my brown patterned paper scrap bag 
(apart from the 12x12 base piece.)
I pulled out pieces that sang homely to me. what I mean by that is I used the patterned paper that had books on it, found at home.... rulers, used at home..... and the bike overlay was just the cherry on the cake :)
I added a few extra layers and embellishments with little bits and pieces here and there to catch the eye I also used string tied around the photo and mat, the idea came from a page in the pop off the page first lesson and was by Rahel Menig.
I think it adds the perfect finish and ties it all up nicely :)

Im really proud of this page and think it was one of my faves that ive made.
Its been pinned and repinnned on pinterest by people who dont know me, and that makes me happy!
Altho I make my layouts to please myself and to go into albums for my family to keep, its lovely to be liked and recognised by others too. 
Right I'd best go before my head gets to big to fit through the door! lol

I have crop tomorrow so its gonna be a busy one, lots to do as always!!!

see you soon xxxxx


  1. WOW!!! You are so right to be proud of this layout, it's brilliant! Really really LOVE it - and even more in awe since it was scrapped at stupid o'clock in the morning!!!

    Well done you :) Maybe some of your lovely new layering skills will rub off on me via Skype one day!!!

    Big hugs

    Carole xxx

  2. Fabulous as usual Emma. You get it just right every time. lol Susiesu xxx