Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Just a few

Phew.... its been a busy couple of weeks, but I'm here.... for at least 5 minutes with a few pages to show you.
these aren't all the ones I've down over the past couple of weeks but just a few of my faves. 
I'll not bother talking too much but just get straight into it as my soup is bubbling away :

 This is one i've just finished, its page 2 for the new to me, but old LOAD that I am doing. 
the new LOAd is called A-Z define my style.
This is the page for the second day and the prompt was A for Adjectives! 
we had to describe ourselves in 3 words and use this on a page.
This page tells how i found that hard and asked other people for their input. 
I guess my style here is minimalistic ??

 This was page 1 for LOAD with the prompt of make a page how you normally would, I would normally use a sketch or a scrap lift as inspiration for creating something so thats what I did here. 
I used inks and paint to create my 'messy' background and sequins just to finish it off.... must admit they aren't normally the thing on the top of my to use list but I added them anyways :)

Last week my lovely friend Carole was recuperating from an operation and as she wasn't feeling to bad we set about doing a bit of scrapping. She however did a lot more than I did and this page was made as i was trying to play catch up :)
I have seen her version of this page from the creative scrappers ebook, and it looks nothing like mine, but thats kinda cool, we always put our own spin on things and thats whats nice about scrapping. you can make anything  your own :)

This page includes pics of Elsie and Paul from when we went to see the olympic torch run in Bristol. 
I did this page whilst away at retreat and i think its my have from there 

This is another that I completed whilst away. pics are of the girls playing in our back garden, enjoying the sunshine... I decided to crumple up the edges of all the papers to give the page a bit of depth. 
finally a page of Lola when she was riding the merry go round on our visit to the zoo. This is another lift from the creative scrappers book and another that I had to catch up to Carole for :)
am missing my friend tho, we've both had busy long weekends and I haven't spoken to her in a while....maybe tomorrow at some point on our scrappy, but probably not scrappy day :)



  1. I'm here!!! I've missed you too :( Never mind, we'll catch up again soon. I see that not only have you caught me up, but you have also over taken me! If I am not mistaken, "Yum Messy Ice Cream" is from the sketch that you sent me last week to think about, isn't it? Maybe tomorrow!

    Loving your "Merry Go Round" and "Wave your Flag" (probably because I am feeling extremely patriotic today following the Diamond Jubilee celebrations!) but they are all lovely :) I couldn't narrow it down to just three adjectives about you ... I'll give it some thought and get back to you!

    Carole xxx

  2. yes it is Carole!!!! the one you didn't wanna do :)