Saturday 16 June 2012

challenge upon challenge!

Good morning....

first of all i must start with a confession:

My name is Emma and i am a challengaholic!!!!

there, I said it, i am addicted to challenges, they influence most of my pages and keep me trying new things. we all need something that makes us work don't we????
I say this because at the moment I am running a few challenges side by side.

firstly I am doing an old version of LOAD - the alphabet one, I am working my way through..maybe not at the pace of a layout a day but if and when I can.

I was also sent another challenge from Kerri, a lady who comes to my crop...and this was a list of words to influence my pages. she included me in a challenge that was originally set for her family who are taking part in the olympics, they are not IN the olympics but helping to marshall it (i think).
the list includes words that they could use in diary entries each day, and will give them something to think about. Kerri sent it to me to influence the way and things I scrap about and I have been choosing these every time i do a page to make me think more. 

As well as these 2.... myself and Carole are always challenging each other to do certain sketches from pinterest or somewhere else.And to top it off I've been looking at Shimelle Laines blog again this week and doing some of her things that I fancy. such as her starting point and sketch of the week :)

Oh and i almost forgot, I also came across an old class that i signed up for and had forgotten about. on studio calico and its called sketch book 4! :)

I will show you the outcome of all of these challenges combined now :)

This is my latest page influenced by LOAD challenge H for Holiday: we had to use holiday themed paper for a non holiday page. I immediately thought of this photo of Lola drinking snowman soup. and then found the snowman paper that was in my stash waiting to be used on such a page :)
I also used Shimelle Laines scrapbook sketch of the week to start my page layout.
I quite like how this has turned out, I'm not so keen on the journalling block BUT it wouldn't have gone straight onto the patterned paper and i needed to write stuff down, so it will do :)

This page also started as a Shimelle Laine page. this time it came from starting points. i knew I had the camera sticker and other bits from the studio calico kit that Shimelle used. but I wanted to make it a more feminine page.
I used my first word from Kerris challenge.... the word being beauty. 
This made me want to use what I would class as 'beautiful' papers. The floral pattern is not one that I would normally choose for my pages, if you know me you will know that even having and scrapping about 2 girls regularly does NOT make me girly AT ALL!
I found these photos of Elsie that I love and that have been sat in my collection for a while, originally I was only going to use one, but as they were taken at the same time I thought I would go with them both on one page. just for a change :)
Too add to the challenge I also used the E challenge from LOAD which was embellishments. and yup i had to use a lot of embellishments on my page, I think for me, i did well :)

This page has pics of Paul and the elder kids playing swing ball at a party we went to a couple of months ago. 
The sketch came form my sketchbook 4 class at studio calico, altho it was very basic so I did add in all those arrows and stars.
I chose the word 'direction' from Kerris list.
And for the LOAD challenge I did G for groupings where I grouped the popping out stars at the top. 

This was a page that I did on a scrapping day with Carole. :) always love wednesdays xxx
Carole chose the sketch and we both did our own version of it, one day I will get her to send me a pic of hers so that you can compare our style, I'd say pop over but she's a bit slow at blogging :) (luv u xx)

I also chose the word 'capture' from the list of words and the letter F for five in the LOAD challenge.
the five challenge involved using 5 in something on your page. it could have been a number 5, or the word, or 5 items, or 5 photos. it was pretty open for interpretation. i used 5 pink flowers in the bottom right corner :)
Love this photo of Lola from when we went to Bristol zoo back in April. she's a natural poser and I've had comments about how this photo looks like a page from a catalogue! little model in the making :)

right so thats enough from me for now.
I received my new studio calico kit yesterday so expect lots of nice shiny new products on my next few pages....

see you soon xxxxxx


  1. flippin' heck emma:) you put alot of thought into your pages-well done........i just look through mags and the net and if i see a page i like i lift from's hard enough just choosing papers LOL
    LOVE LOVE your pages ;)

  2. All your pages are wonderful! What a cute idea for the Snowman Soup page! Perfect subject and products! I followed your link over from Shimelle's blog. Lovin' your take on the challenges!

  3. I love Wednesdays too :) and yes, I do need to get better at blogging - will try harder, I promise (even if only so you can compare?!?!?!?!)

    Loving your pages, but you already know that ;) especially the more girlie ones and the ones with lots of faffing! I think you are getting much better at making your layouts pretty - your "Beauty" page is gorgeous.

    Carole xxx

  4. Love your Snowman Soup page! I am tempted to gert out my holiday file of papers and do something with them!