Sunday, 17 June 2012

copy cat!

afternoon ladies and gents?!?!?!

Its nice and sunny here in Bristol, and that makes a nice change from all the rain we've had lately. always makes me happier when the sun is shining :)

I managed to do a page this morning whilst elsie was asleep and everyone else was pre occupied, it didn't take me long as I completely scrap lifted the design and the paper choices from Jen Jockisch....she is my new scrap idol!!!

Jen designs for studio calico and this is the first time I've really taken much notice of the design team pages, but I'm so glad i did. despite receiving the kit every month for almost a year now :o

here is a link to the studio calico page: i hope it works

I scrap lifted the first one .... you won't miss it , you could spot the differences between them lol.
heres mine:

You should please excuse the 'hair shadow' i took this in my kitchen doorway this morning and as you can see my hairs a bit messy! 

I loved how Jen layered little elements up.... I would never have done this page if i wasn't copying someone else's as the bluebird is one little element from a huge 12x12 paper, cut out purely to be added here.
the lovely , beautiful banner is from the flip side of the spots, and was along the top...again i would not normally have cut this out of one side to use on another. 
I did change it up slightly, as Jen used 'wooden' papers that came with the kit, but I didn't wanna cut up a whole sheet just for this tiny scrap, so i used some of my scrap paper that had already been cut into. I also did the same for the chevron paper. 
let me know what you think of Jen and her style. personally i love it and will be trying to remember all of these things when i scrap next :)

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