Monday, 25 June 2012

unexpected peace!

Afternoon bloggers :)

as the title says I've been presented with an unexpected quiet hour, my aunty came down and took Lola out for a spot of girl shopping, Elsie is already out at Zoes and the boys are at school (Dan doing his introduction into seniors!!! SCARY)

So..... I did try to start a new page but its not quite going to plan so instead I am here updating you guys on what I've been up to this week. 

I have a few pages to share with you, its been a bit quiet on the scrapping front, I didn't get my usual craft day last week and Ive not been able to spend too much time in my crafting corner, but the time i have had has been well spent. 
I have done 2 pages this morning for example :)

heres the first:

I love this one... mainly because i really adore the photo! its Lola being typical Lola, laughing out loud!
the pic was taken by Sheila at Weston beach whilst i was away on my craft retreat last month. Lola is laughing at Grumpy who is wearing her hat the other side of the camera. she found it so funny as he was asking her for ages where it was and she was looking for it, then he practically had to stick his head in her face before she saw that he was wearing it! 
I used a page that I was sent in one of my chinese whispers groups to do this page, I love how the stream of natural  butterflies look against brightness of everything else. wonder if Carole will be proud of my faffing????

This second is another one that I have done for a different chinese whispers group. 
a bit more basic compared to the last one, but still as bright and fun. As you can see i used photos from the same day and the journalling tells how this is what they got up to whilst I was away :)

These are pics of Elsie moo wearing Lolas shades a couple of months ago. I had put them on her then she had to adjust lol. 
Ali took these pics and they were so cute that I had to ask her to get me copies too. 
The page itself came from a Jody Wenke layout, and was one of the challenges from the LOAD that I'm working my way through. 
Jody's style is so simplistic so I had no trouble completing this one and loving it :)

This one I'm not sooo in loe with. its ok but I wouldn't say it was great. 
pics are of the kids in Blaise when Paul took them on an adventure. 
I did this for another LOAD challenge which was to peruse the LOAD gallery and choose a page to lift, instead of this, as I'm years behind everyone else... I used a sketch from the studio calico class called sketchbook 4 to finish this one off. 
I do like the title and the off cuts down the side, but not keen on the rest.

This is the last one, a very plain and simple double page no embellishment, just a title and photos. I think thats all it needs :)
plus it was beginning to annoy me , as most double pages do eventually so i just called it a day!!!

Hope you are all having a good day, just want to leave you with a photo of what me and Lola were up to this morning:

yup, we gave Mr Skinny legs a hair cut!!!! he now looks neat and tidy:)

see you all soon xxxxxxxx

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