Monday, 11 June 2012

Catching up :)

Hello :)
Who told summer that we didn't want it this year??? I'm a bit fed up of this nasty wet weather, the kids can't go out to play and my washing won't dry nicely lol.... can't wait to see some more sun, if you've had some please send it my way..... on the plus side of rainy British weather, as a result of not being able to go anywhere its a good excuse to sit and scrap.

i hope you too have been making the most of it, as i have..... it was also Lollicrop on Saturday.
I was overwhelmed with new faces, it was brilliant. we were joined by Carole and Angela, who drove all the way up from near Bournemouth to be with us for the day. Of course I've seen Carole before but we've never 'properly' scrapped together, only ever via Skype. and it was lovely to meet angela who i have heard wonderful things about but had never met. 
We were also joined by a friend of Ali's, her real name is Chris but she is know to us as Tiggy. (a name she received from being a brownie helper) she was well away with photos and definitely knew what she liked and what she didn't like which is so nice to see in a newbie. 
and last but most definitely not least we were also joined by Emma and Louise, 2 lovely ladies who were pointed in my direction by Louisa via Netmums website. 
Louise fitted right in, as crazy and up for it as the rest of us and Emma, altho a little shy was a very hard worker, she didn't need much encouragement or leading into making 2 fabulous pages and was very keen to jot down new ideas and places to look online. I can't wait to see what they all do with their new found hobby :)

I didn't get too much done at crop, busy helping others and making sure everyone was ok... but thats how I like it. if i didn't i wouldn't be a very good leader now would I :)
I did manage to finish a page see below:

I started this at home and added the finishing touches when I got a minute at crop. 
it was done for the LOAD challenges that I'm currently working through and this one was D for Distress.
I chose to roll up some edges, edge distress a few and stamp around a bit with black ink just so it wasn't as straight and flat as my pages normally are. 
I also added a rosette and some stars to give interest with a bit of journalling to explain the story. 
the photo is of myself and Ali on our way to our crafty retreat a fortnight ago. i took the pic as we were driving along, and Ali tried posing as well as driving, which I did tell her off for!!! lol
it was great fun and i think the pic shows what a good time we were having, even on the journey up there.

This one I started at crop, but finished yesterday.
The pic is of Daniel and Elsie after missing each other for 3 or 4 days :)
He is such a mother hen, always looking out for the younger ones and worrying about everything. i caught this moment between them, and love how they look and the feelings it shows. This isn't just a one of either, they are always like this, for now anyways.
The sketch i borrowed from Carole, but I didn't have it to finish of so winged it :) 
i hope it looks ok, i also got to use some of my new wash tape, yum yum yum and some new tim Holtz tickets , I was very happy.

I decided to delve into my old photo box for this challenge. which was another LOAD one. The pics are of Elsie at halloween, looking cute in her kitty costume. 
The challenge was to scrap lift a page by Kelli Crowes, as I couldn't get onto her talk about her challenge i just chose a page of hers through pinterest. It was pretty basic so I added embellishments to suit me. 
Carole you had best be proud lol.
the title came to me straight away, but everything else just unfolded as i went along. 
I USUALLY stick to a rule where i only use embellishments that match the theme or topic of my page, but here i thought outside of the box. 
The dolls have no connection to the page at all, or even to the theme of halloween, or kittens or anything. BUT I knew I had the yellow tutu trim in my box and i wanted to use it, so I chose to dress up my mannequins with it and did a large one to represent me, and a small one to represent Elsie. 

I love it anyways, love the photos, love the colours which is really odd for me to love something i have done. yay me :)

right everyone is up now so best go sort them out, might see you later :)

bye bye for now xxxxxxx

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  1. Had a great time and thanks for your advise and patience, can't wait for the next Lollicrop, just a shame I'm not free until October :-(