Thursday, 7 June 2012

whilst its quiet :)

Its Thursday in half term, that means a lovely quietness happens in my house as both of the girls go to does for the day and I only have the boys to worry about. :)
At this particular moment Daniel is in his room watching Lost and Mike is on the sofa, having just made chocolate cookies by himself... and he's about to watch the cat in the hat movie...AGAIN!

This means I get to do what I want, and today that means play time and catching up on my blog, you lucky people! :) lol

here are my 3 latest pages and some explanations behind them:

This is the page i have JUST finished.... It shows Lola playing with the water when it was hot all those weeks ago, (i know its not that long but it seems it, I want summer back :( )
I had these smaller photos printed to take away with me on retreat but i still have some left and they worked perfectly for a sketch i found this morning on Caroles pinterest board :)
I also did the day 4 challenge form the current LOAD that I'm working through.
It is C for card stock!
yup, we were only allowed card stock on our pages, no patterned papers at all.... we were also allowed alpha stickers (which i didn't use) and one type of embellishment. i chose buttons.... I think the simple sketch works well showcasing the photos and also with the plain card stock route. 
what do you think??? bit boring????

This one was done for my chinese whispers group so sssshhhh!!!
The page i received wasn't really to my style so I found it a hard one to adapt, but thats what this challenge is all about. 
I changed it up a little to suit me better and I even MADE the B for Britain (or Bristol) male flower stack, prou of myself or what!!! especially as my cricut mat is very dodgy and unstick, i had a terrible time getting all of the pieces cut out, it nearly went in the bin.
The felt camera i bought from a lady called Kate from Facebook, i got 3 all together so expect to see a couple more of those on upcoming pages, they are zoo cute and i order the red white and blue without thinking about it, I got it for boys pages but it worked perfectly for this patriotic theme. 
photos are from when we went to see the olympic torch running through Bristol, was a fab morning and one I'm glad we bothered to take part in :)

This last one is of a photo of Mike also take whilst we were seeing the torch. 
The sketch i also stole from Carole, as she was doing it for a page of her sister.... I loved it and wanted to try it too. altho she finished hers before i had even started mine, i haven't seen what hers looks like so will be fab to compare layouts when we see each other again.
I used the PRIMARY colours of blue and yellow as my basis and added a touch of grey to tone it down, the sun and other yellow sticker embellishments were going to be stars, but I was being lazy and didn't want to badly cut more on the cricut so I raided my sticker stash for stars, and instead came across the sun at first and then other yellow pieces that were suitable. funny how we have our minds set on one thing and it always turns out completely different.

OK so thats me done for now, i still have some hours left to myself so don't wanna waste them here, will be back later if I get more done.

bye for now xxxxxx

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