Thursday, 2 August 2012

crafty healing


so today is a very and day for me, I think my depression is back with vengeance and its driving me crazy. If anyone of you suffer from it you will know how bad it can get. I can physically see myself being miserable, and horrible to everyone around me yet I can't control it, it sucks!

yet i need to try and think positive, its Thursday, and on Thursdays the girls get a break from me and get to do fun things at the childminders. plus it gives me chance to chill out and do something to try and relax. 

Elsie was up at 4:30 this morning which made me even more irritable than normal, so I'm still a little tired and should probably be getting some sleep whilst I can but theres no point, I shall lay there awake for hours and achieve nothing. 
Instead I turn to my old faithful friend, try to drag my ass out of this hell hole! 

So far so good, Ive finished my first page of the day, a catch up from yesterdays sketch and I actually really like it :) I also got to laugh a bit as Daniel was watching Despicable me in the front room whilst I scrapped in the kitchen, and having watched it so many times with Lola I know whats happened without watching and it always makes me chuckle.
I also had a good text from Clifton photography to say our very expensive, but very lovely family photos are back.... hopefully we will get to pick them up later this afternoon. 

anyways back to business:

Day 14 - Mucky makeover

Pics are of the girls after Lola wanted to put her make up on last week.... as you can see they looked more like clowns than models but they had fun, or Lola did whilst Elsie sat nice to have it plastered on her face lol. 
Once again I've managed to do a double page, I'm getting better :)

Just another quick picture for you:

This is my owl tattoo that I had done on the weekend, this was just after it was done hence the blood :)
I had an owl to symbolise my Nan, it tore me apart when she died and this makes em feel like she is always with me, my wise old Owl always looking over my shoulder (its on my right one) making sure I do things right. 
I wonder what she would think if she were still here??? actually no need to wonder, when I've been down in the past she tells me to move my ass, get on with stuff and that its all in the yeah it really is all in the mind, but its getting over it thats so hard! 

never mind, thats life I guess, never straight forward

bye bye for now


PS: Carole, I love it so no need to feel guilty because you found the picture of it on the net. its beautiful xxx


  1. i know how you feel emma-i try and hide away when i'm like that,or have a big bubble bath with the door locked!!
    i'm loving your LO :)

  2. Hi, Emma, I suffer from this affliction, too. Seems like it's bugging me more these past few days, too, maybe it's the moon cycle, haha! Anyway, glad you were able to get some crafty time in, that usually works for me, and laughing is ALWAYS the best medicine (well, aside from a prescription, heehee)! Hugs, Roxy.

  3. I recognise it well. Glad scrapping helps though. Sometimes I find it hardest to scrap when I am feeling low but if I can get myself in there then I often feel much better. People underestimate how hard it is sometimes to do the very simplest of things. Take care.

  4. Emma, I'm sorry that you were feeling down while I was away and couldn't cheer you up :( Love this girlie pink layout and your made up girls!!!

    So glad that you love your owl tattoo, and since you do, I'm glad that I found the picture!!! :)

    C xxx