Thursday, 9 August 2012

yay for the sun :)

Its back, that big shiny yellow thing in the sky.... you know the thing we sometimes see called the sun! 
i love it, it makes me happy, i hate being cold and love being warm, even too warm :)

Also something to smile about is that its Thursday so the girls have gone to Zoe's, they are going to the zoo.... lucky devils, and the boys have gone to my aunties to earn themselves some money by chucking stuff in her skip for her. 
so today is MY day, peace and quiet and nothingness....its heaven. well for half an hour more anyways as thats when i collect the girls :)

I spent the morning doing shopping, and dropping the kids off where they needed to be, and have spent a couple of hours scrapping and generally messing about on the pc. I was going to just sit and watch more of the olympics but its super shady in my front room and it was a shame not to see the sun when its making such a nice appearance. so I chose to scrap with my back in the sunshine, whilst listening to kisstory..... yes i am OLD!

so the reason I'm here, I've done a couple more pages:
Firstly one that I made for my friend Gemma, whose little brother George sadly died in a tragic car accident 7 months ago. 
It was hard to do, I didn't know if I would do him justice, or if she would like it or not, but i got there in the end and Gemma is very pleased with it and thats all I care about.
I am currently awaiting photos from Georges twin sister Emily, as she would also like one to put on her wall. will keep you updated on how that turns out, hopefully as well as this one:

You'll have to excuse the poor quality of the photo, I hadn't checked how it had turned out before Gemma had taken it, its  a bit blurry but still readable.
I used all 5 photos that Gemma emailed to me, and I aged them on the mac, I could have just turned them sepia but it was too dark and I wanted to keep a hint of the colours in them. 
I also cropped the images down so that I could arrange them nicely on the page.
I asked Gemma to send me some ideas for what to write on it, as its hers, not mine. so incorporated all of these things on her page. I think it looks lovely and is a wonderful way to remember someone who shouldn't have been taken from us so soon. 
R.I.P George xxxx

the second page I completed this morning as I'm still working on my sketch a day class.
This was day 20, cause I'm running a bit behind but Im getting there and I'm sill enjoying it which is the main thing :)

Day 20 - messing about on the river

Ok so technically not a river, but whats a mass of water between friends?!?!? :)
I liked the title and was going to use it whatever so there! lol

Pics are of us on the lakes at Centre Parcs me and the kids enjoying the pedalo whilst Paul sped around on the hydrobike! 
we all had fun on our last day away.

ok, so its almost time to collect the girls.... I'll see you soon xxxxx

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