Tuesday, 31 July 2012

olympics taking over my life!

So who else is caught up in the olympic hype???
It is on all day everyday in our house....Im not usually one for sport, but Im right into it at the moment, shouting at the tv and all sorts!!!
So as you can imagine scrapping has taken a backseat again, but today I found some time and did some catching up on my sketch layouts. 
As i started writing this I also realised I haven't posted since day 8 and today was day 13 so you have a lot of boring stuff to read :)

lets go:

Day 9 - Prima Diva

So you've seen pics of Lola doing ballet, well these were taken on the same day but are of Elsie during the same lesson. She didn't actuality take part properly but she did wear her tut and copy them raising their arms etc etc. she even tottered around the studio for a little while which was when i got these!
She was giving me diva looks as if to say "ha ha, I'm doing this if you let me or not!"
as it was the teacher remembered us from last year, not sure if thats a good or bad thing, but hey ho... she allowed her to wander around as she wanted which was quite a lot :)
You may recognise the papers from the page i did of Lola, as they all came out of my scrap bag, its great how little snippets can be turned into pieces that cover up the whole page.

Day 10 - Kayak games

These are some pictures of Dan whilst he was away at camp. luckily the school took photos of them doing all the activities and allowed us to buy them all on a disc. I was a very happy bunny :)
These show Dan and how 'team' doing games on the kayaks. they didn't learn how to row them as such but just seemed to play team building games on the,. it still looked like fun!!!
I was very pleased with myself and this page as its a double and it didn't take me very long to do, which is unusual as doubles usually throw me right off. 

Day 11 - Basket cases

Now I'm not to keen on this one.... the blue floral paper is not my usual style and the lettering cut from a paper sheet isn't usually my thing either, so this is very outside the box and one I'm not very sure I will try again in a hurry lol. 
The pics are of the girls playing with my wet washing basket in the garden, as if they haven't got enough toys in and outside the house!

Day 12 - Aslan's Army

More pics from Dans week away. in these they were pretending to be in Narnia, he was in Aslan's army, hence the 'lion' in the photos! and they had to try and regain the castle from the white witch. he looks miserable in the photos but only because he was told to look in a bad mood apparently lol. 
I again am not sure about this page, i like the map paper and if i hadn't used it now i don't know when I will have. just not sure I like how it all goes together. never mind :)

Day 13 - Window wildlife

Now this is very much NOT like the sketch we received this morning. It was supposed to be inch squares of patterned papers and photo mixed, but I knew I didn't have enough photos that I wanted to crop down to an inch big so had to look into other options. 
I went for the easy way out and made random mosaics out of photos that i cropped to 4x5 inches. After mounting them piece by piece onto a green mat it didn't take long to add the other pieces to it. 
It looks pretty boring but all the journalling tells the stories I had to write down :)

Ok so its now 8:48pm..... and I haven't watched any sport in over an hour :)
Time to go and catch up on the swimming, lets see whose got the gold!

catch you later xxxx


  1. Hi Emma, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am really liking the dimensional class. I didn't take it the first time either, but I wanted to put a bit more dimension on my pages. So far we have learned techniques like distressing with tools and with ink. How to curl paper, (which is so easy by the way). And our last project was layers with papers and embellishments. I'm enjoying it & I'm glad I finally decided to sign up for it. If you haven't watched Shimelle Laine's videos on You Tube or at Two Peas In A Bucket, you should check them out. They are free and I've been learning so much from her about embellishing. I have been for the longest time a minimalist when it came to embellishing. But lately I've been wanting to do more. Love your layouts as well! The "Window Wildlife" is awesome! Keep up the great work!

  2. I've been really caught up in the sports too and the children are having fun recreating their own competitions!

  3. Brill layouts, all of them but love love love my little chum in her tutu, I haven't seen anything quite so cute for ages :)

    C xxx