Tuesday, 7 August 2012

me again!

Tired, bored, uuuggghhhh aren't words enough to describe this week.
Went out with the old work girls on sunday night for a meal, ended up having 3 large cocktails, and woke up Monday morning with a little hangover, more of just a headache so could have been coincidence I guess?!?!?!? or maybe Im just getting too old to drink??? :) 

Thats started my nightmare week, im tired, emotional... bored of being stuck in with the kids in the rain. 
I have boys that don't want to go and do anything and girls that are hard work to keep in all the time, lose lose situation..... we did manage a trip to the ducks and the park on Sunday for the girls, that was lovely, bit of fresh air by the sea is always good. but that was cut short due to the weather. 

I have had to find things to fill the time, without being too far away from the girls when they play, so guess what I've been doing?!?!?!?!  you know me too well :)
I've actually been putting myself out there a bit on my facebook account anyways, trying to sell some of my work to those that don't scrap. 
So far im on my third customer who wants a personalised page made by me :)
Its a confidence boost to know that something I have done is good enough to hang on someones wall, yet Im still so scared and lack in confidence that Im gonna mess it up and they will hate it.... hopefully at some point this feeling will go away.
I have also signed up for a table at Cadbury Garden centre this week..... they are having a craft sale, during their craft weekend in October so have booked myself a table in hopes that I can sell my work to members of the public that dont know me. Scary stuff!!!
I dont know how I will do or how to prepare but it will be good for learning I guess. 

So if you know anyone who would like to receive a scrapbook page to hang on their wall as a gift or if you are non crafty and fancy a piece for your wall please contact me.... im never too far away :)

anyways enough gassing, here are my latest pages:

This was my very first commission.
Done for an old friend as a trial run for my new venture. 
He emailed me some pics of his new Daughter Isla, and this is what I came up with for him. I'm waiting for him to receive it in the post to find his final reaction but from pics he is impressed so thats great news for me. 

Day 17 - Hanging with Dad

Pics are of Paul swinging Lola around by her legs...she enjoyed it, it would have made me sick!
this was a very quick page, made using lots of pink scraps, im on a mission to get rid of a ton out of my scrap bags as they are now too big to fit into my case properly! 
It didnt take long and is very simple but it does the job :)

Day 16 - Poorly Shifu

in the wrong order I know but im too lazy to change it :)
I found this sketch really difficult to get my head around, i don't know why as it was very basic, but it took me forever and as im determined to work through all of the sketches as they are given to us i think it prevented me from moving on. so again this uses a lot of scraps and with a  kind of that will do attitude.
pic is of Lola when she was really poorly, we had to take her into hospital as she was really sick. this pic was taken after our hospital trick when she was determined to play even tho she looked and felt horrendous. I scrapped it not because i love the photo, but because it shows her determination and her strong will.... she reminds me of Nan in so many ways :)

Last but not least a page featuring Mike.
I feel bad for doing mainly pages of the girls, and i swear some people think I forget I have the boys too but they dont let me take pics very often so its easier as I have more photos of the girls to work with :)
Anyway I had this one of Mike which was taken whilst Lola was having her hair braided at Centre parcs. whenever i take a pic he always pulls weird faces, something we all did at some point tho im sure. 
The sketch and page idea itself came form the scrap365 magazine. I loved adding in the layers and added the splash of ink across as a finishing touch as it needed something. 

right, pork is slow cooking in the oven, and smells amazing so best get on with the rest of our dinner! 
have a  fab day everyone

see you soon



  1. don't be worried about doing your pages for others emma,they are all lovely xx

  2. These pages are ALL fabulous Emma, but I'm especially loving the one of Mike! It looks so professional :) (even with the ink splats you brave lady you!!!) Love Isla layout too, the kraft and pink together is just beautiful.

    Carole xxx