Friday, 3 August 2012

popping on :)


just a quick one today, as the boys have gone to their dads and currently the girls are bird watching at the back door so I have a few spare moments to write this...

Even quicker note: have you seen the olympics??? we are currently 4th! how cool is that??? even amongst all the controversy we are doing good, well done GB!

here is a page that i finished today, it comes from yesterdays sketch which at first scared me a bit but now that its done I really like it, what do you think???

To use die cut shapes on my pages is most unusual for me but it called for the little black cat and mice, which i cut using my cricut. 
they filled the spaces nicely and meant I didn't need to stick any other useless embellishment on. 
Pics are of Paul and the girls having fun without me whilst I was away at Bubbly craft retreat back in May. This is one of the first pages in a long time where I haven't used colours form the photos, thats my usual starting point but It would have been too difficult to do with this many different pics. I did go for subtle colours so that nothing overpowered the photos themselves, very important :)

right bird watching is over, time to read Elsie a book or 5!

have a fab day xxxx

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