Friday, 27 January 2012

a little less of me!!!

Good morning everyone!

and yup its a very good morning here as its my weigh in day ( I do weight watchers at home) and this week I have lost another 4 lbs...... bringing my total to albs in 2 weeks. I am a happy bunny indeed, thats almost half a stone you know lmao.

If you have a Pinterest account check out this idea I found, if you don't have Pinterest, I'm not sure if you can view it or not but its basically 2 glass jars one says pounds lost and the others says pounds to lose. 
You use glass pebbles and start off with how ever many you aim to lose in the pounds to lose jar and as you lose them week by week you swap them to your lost pounds jar.... how cool will that be to see your weight loss changing in front of you, very motivational i think. so I aim to get that going this week.
will post piccys when I do!

Now onto the important stuff... scrapping!
I have done a few pages this week but couldn't post any because either my scanner didn't like them or my mac stitched them together wrong (so not helpful) so I pinched my mums little camera for a bit so I can keep you up to date.

heres the first:

I used some of the pictures my Grandad took on our day out to Cadbury Garden centre, when we saw father christmas and went ice skating. I wanted to put them all together to show what a fun time we had together. 

The sketch came from scrap365 mag and is actually their sketch challenge for the month, I don't think I'll enter it tho as I'm not over the moon with how it turned out but its another one in the bag!!

the second:

Using a picture of Daniel (very rare that I get one these days)
you will see last time I posted everyone else appeared in my pages somewhere but not Dan so I wanted to do one of him to balance it out a bit. 
This is a photo that I got a week or so before christmas, and for once he wasn't pulling a stupid face or trying to hide. Thats why I called it reasons to smile, he had a few lol.
Love these numbers tags that came in my studio calico kit last month and have been waiting for a chance to use them so this list format gave me great opportunity.

Oh dear just noticed the R from reason has fallen off...dont worry I will find it and it should definitely not read Eason!!!! lol

The circle border piece was left over from a page I showed you last time, with the half circle at the bottom, and you see the ferris wheel bit at the very top??? that is actually packaging that came with my studio calico kit.... if they send you say free delivery reminders, or tell you that something is gonna be on sale, they always always print something lovely on the other side and I always always keep them to use on my pages..... like a little bonus every month lol. and altho ferris wheels have nothing to do with christmas or daniel, I just thought they are something that usually make people smile so it was ok to use it. thats how my crazy mind works, as i can't use something when it doesn't connect in some way lol.

now onto my third:

first some background info: 
Wednesday has officially become my day off, or half day off if i have to get shopping as my Mum is now having the girls on the afternoon for me to get Elsie A.K.A Mini diva.. a chance to get used to being away from me sometimes.  after the horrid experience at crop last time things had to change so hopefully this is a step in the right direction! 
anyways.... I was having a bit of time to myself this Wednesday and ended up on Facebook, as you do trying to find some inspiration to scrap, I ended up talking to Carole who firstly introduced me to the world of Pinterest, naughty naughty.... and then she very kindly chose a page from her collection of pins for me to scrap lift.

the original is here 

I was originally upposed to be doing a snowflakes page so that I could enter a competition on a blog , but as i used all of my snowflakes on my other page i had none left to add, so completely changed the theme up.
This picture is of Lola and Paul's dad, and was taken at our wedding. so thats how long its been sat in my box. was so pleased to finally use it, and it also gave me a good excuse to use these new papers that mum had got me that morning.... they are called Portabello road by paper mania, its a real 'rule Britannia' pack of papers, all red, white and blue, lots of flag prints but all made pretty. 

Must also say that my tub of flowers hasn't seen the light of day in a very long time so they were quite pleased to be opened up and used lots for this page, its been a while lol.

so thankyou to Carole for kicking my butt into doing something that day, even tho you were the reason that I didn't move all afternoon afterwards. Pinterest is very very addictive!

Right its now 7am and time to get the male species of this house up. us girls have been up for an hour already!!!

have a good day everyone xxxxxxx

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  1. You've done it again Emma, and blown me away with your beautiful layouts, especially the one that I found for you! Totally love the red, white and blue "patriotic" feel to the page.

    I really love the clean and simple style of your "eason to smile" LOL (hope you found your missing "R"!), love how you punched out the numbers on the tags.

    I see now where all your snowflakes went! Lovely Christmassy layout.

    I take no responsibility for the time you spent on Pinterest as I did issue you with a warning before I invited you! But it is terribly inspirational isn't it?!!! Go on, admit it - you love it already, don't you?!

    Hugs, Carole xxx