Sunday, 22 January 2012

little update!

Morning, hope you're having a very lazy sunday, after all thats what they are for!

Im gonna try and keep up to date with this blogging malarky, especially for my Aunty Chris :) so today I am showing you a couple of pages that i've done over the weekend. the first is with a picture of Elsie from our trip to Cadbury garden centre, before christmas. 
we took the kids to see Santa and also had a great time ice skating afterwards. obviously elsie was too small for ice skating so she had to be wrapped up really warmly to stay outside with mum and my grandad to watch us make fools of ourselves. 
My grandad took this picture of Elsie whilst she was sat in her buggy, patiently waiting.

I was really not intending to do this with the page at all..... I was going to copy a sketch from the new magazine scrap 365... you can add their blog and webpage to your iPad!!! worth a read, and the mags so far have been full with great ideas so worth a buy too!!!

however, I wanted to add 'mush' (my technical term) to the sides, but once I did that with kitchen towel and misty ink, I didn't like what else i was going to add on top so had to change my design. 
I thought the edges of the 'mush' needed definition so i used the lid out of the mister bottle with the stick on the end to trail the red around the edges. shows how much the colour changes when its more concentrated. 
Even after that was done i still wasn't happy so remembered the heart template that I had in my messy bag so just went for it. 
Its not at all my usual style, and I'm not 100% sure I like it but its finished, and I'm not touching it anymore. Paul thinks it needs more but I'm done messing with it so its off to my album before I really do mess it up.

My second offering for today is using pictures of Elsie and baby olivia, from their meeting at the christmas Lollicrop. they were born only 2 days apart and have only seen each other a few times since then. this is the first time they have been together in months and the difference in them was amazing. see for yourself:

the first thing we all noticed was the size difference. Elsie is massive compared to Olivia, yet Elsie is the younger of the 2. 
I guess having a 6ft 4 dad has an impact on a child lol. 
They were both very nice to each other tho, and altho both were very inquisitive about each other they were  good girls. 

The layout idea itself came from Shimelle Laines blog. and her very first craft along project.

I didn't do it exactly as shimelle did, but I'm pretty pleased with the results. 

thanks for popping in today to check it out. see you soon xxxxxx

PS.... I almost forgot to say... if you do check out the scrap365 website, go to the events tab along the top, and search through the crops list!!
I have added lollicrop to their listings, very exciting lol

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  1. Both of your layouts are lovely Emma :) There you go again, being brave with your "mush"! It freaks me out going anywhere near my pretty paper with random liquids!!!

    Elsie is just soooo cute!

    Hugs, Carole xxx