Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Honey I'm home!!!!1

Wow thats been a long break away....

a month without me, must have been heaven lol, I have been intending to update my blog before now but things have happened, you know how it is.

I have had to send my beloved camera into be repaired, I can no longer cope with the hassle of having to add on the external flash, and changing the battery every time I want to take one photo. its getting a bit boring, so off it went this week and I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't cost too much to fix....

second on my list of things going wrong and breaking is my scanner / printer..... I was going to scan in my newest pages to show you instead of photographing them but when I switched my printer on that wasn't working either, so I am currently awaiting a replacement one.

Im waiting on a third thing to go wrong, always comes in threes, just hoping it won't be something that costs me too much!!!

so anyways they're my excuses for not being able to post my pages lately, that and I hadn't really done much until my crop this saturday. Christmas is a big run up, a tiring day and then weeks to get everything straight again, but finally we are there and life is getting back to normal. If things ever were normal around here????? lol

so heres my first page:

I started this one on new years day.... I was having a bit of a rough day and so made a a list in my book of all the things I wanted to change in my life..... then I was tidying my pig sty of a bedroom and found my december studio calico kit, so from that I made this...or at least started it.

I didn't use anything that wasn't in my kit and have not used a picture, I'm getting better at these sorts of pages. I highly recommend limiting yourself to stash you can use on a page. it makes us think clearer and allows us to use things that we may have overlooked for something more in fashion, or that we are more comfortable using. especially if you get a pre made up kit form someone else as they tend to group the kit so that most things in it will come together in a really nice way. 
If you don't get a kit then do it yourself, throw some stuff that you like together in a box, include embellishments, alphabets and of course card stock and patterned paper and go for it. see how many pages you can create from one box of stash. 

now for my second page:

another naughty sneak peak I'm afraid..... this has been made for the chinese whispers group that I'm in and so is a copy from a page that I was sent on the first of January. I must say altho it has its core ingredients, it actually looks nothing like the original that I was sent, but I guess thats what its all about.

The page itself is about Michael and how he loved his kitchen experiments kit that he got for christmas but was most excited about wearing the goggles lol. as you can see my camera was playing up whilst taking these pics resulting in uneven lighting but I still loved the one of him putting the goggles on so I just used it.... embracing imperfections I think its called!

I did this one at January Lollicrop, I had already received my january studio calico kit so I put decembers and januarys together and only took that as my paper stash. I did take other embellishments but must say I did mainly use things just from my box. its really liberating I can't go on about it enough. the only extra pieces I added on this one were the stickers, which came from a sassafras box I got before christmas. love how it all works together tho. and with the wooden background paper I think it brings a country feel, but also reminds me of a science bench from when I was at school..... and there was m worrying how I was gonna use that page!!!

now for the third:

My second page that i made at crop, a very quick one based on a creative scrappers sketch. and another to add to my christmas album for this year. pic is of Lola on her new scooter that Nanny bought her. she isn't very good at riding it at the moment but she will learn!!! again the papers and alphas etc are all from my studio calico kit. yum yum

number 4:

this one is a page of Elsie moo, taken before christmas sharing a mince pie with Ali. 
loving the tapes that you can get at the moment, this black and white one seemed to work perfectly to highlight the word confetti that I wanted t place alongside this picture. I think the picture speaks for itself without much explanation, but i loved the gestures that came in the sentiments xmas pack. 
and see that flower???? its plastic and from Jenni Bowlin.... apparently it can be misted and inked or sprayed or painted, but here it is in its plainest form. and i love it!
see the heart cut out piece with the journaling in it???

if you look at the page of Lola it has hearts on it.... this is the leftover bit form that that you might normally chuck in the just happened to be sat on my desk when I was looking for something extra. love how it clashes but like that it works...or at least i think it does and I'm happy with it lol

and last but not least I have a sneaky peak of the class that I'm going to teach next month.

what with Valentines day coming up it had to be something a bit mushy and romantic, so I've decided to do a mini book on a page about my wedding.... people doing the class can use wedding pics or couple pics or children pics... pets.... whatever they love!!!!!

done using red obviously and new papers form the Basic Grey Piccadilly range..... 
I hope it goes down well at crop next month :)

right enough gassing from me.... its Michaels birthday tomorrow so we are having a family birthday dinner meal in tonight, so that mum can join us and we are taking him out to a restaurant tomorrow to celebrate.

its no wonder I'm so fat when everything revolves around food lol..... ill make the most of it and start the diet next week!!!

take care all, please feel free to comment, i love to hear your feedback xxxxx

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  1. WOW. Is this a situation like waiting for buses? You know the one ... you wait for ages and then four come along??? They are all lovely :) How brave are you doing a layout without a photo? Love this one and admire you, putting all your resolutions out there like that.

    Love the funny one with Michael and his goggles (that wood pattern paper is gorgeous). Christmas Scooter is a lovely LO, simple but effective. Really love the Sharing LO, I've done a couple of column layouts and really like them :)

    Sneaky peek looks good too - which I'm glad about since I have ordered the BG Picadilly line!

    I get what you are saying about just limiting your supplies (you sound like Shimelle!) but that has to be easier with kits like Studio Calico? I don't seem to be very good at just throwing stuff together :(

    Looking forward to seeing what you do next!

    Carole xxx