Saturday, 3 December 2011

happy Saturday :)

Good Morning!!!

And it has been a good morning, Elsie Moo slept all night and having gone to bed at 8 last night feeling rough, I had a really good nights sleep too and feel refreshed this morning.
Good job too as I have a lot to do today.

Lola has been invited to her first friends birthday party and thats this afternoon, so you can imagine how excited she is!!, saying that tho she's already dropped hot chocolate all down the front of her clothes that she was supposed to be wearing to the party and has had to change, so that upset her, but she will have to go as she is sure none of the other kids will mind what she looks like!!!

Im also waiting for Elsie to wake up so that I can go to my Grandads to see my Aunty Chris and uncle Mick, who have come down to visit...and to make a cake, and maybe do a little crafting and anything else that might need doing lol... 

But whilst Elsie is asleep I am catching up with my scrap back log and blogging... so that I'm up to date and don't get told off by my Aunty chris who is an avid follower :)

This morning I bring you another of my secret pages...sssshhhhh!!! this is the second one from the chinese whispers group that I joined, I received the page to scrap lift on the 1st December and have done mine already, so that on the 1st January I'm ready to post it on

here it is:

When i first saw the sketch I was a bit unsure how i would make it work for me.... but I think this has turned out ok?!?!??!

I was extremely excited to use my brand new papers from Sassafras, they were having a closing down sale so were selling off boxes of their products with 70% discount, I had both boxes, and it took a very long time to get here but it was def well worth it..there was tonnes of lovely stash in there..... yum yum yum

I also used some of the lovely thickets that I bought from my friend Katy, she's very bad for tempting me with them, but I get them at a bargain price, and she gets extra pennies to spend so i guess we are all happy in the end :) alphabets are my most favourite thing ever!!!

I also used the Sassafras pop up flowers, they bend in places so that you get depth on your page, love them a lot!!!!

plus I got to use my Elsie pics from the last post, she's such a clever girl!!!!

right things to do, people to see...catch up with you soon xxxxx

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