Sunday, 4 December 2011

photo opportunities!

A real quick one tonight, as i should really be bathing the girls and making sure the boys are ready for school tomorrow, but i took some lovely photos today, of the family putting the xmas decs up.

As promised beforehand we are all making more effort this year, so this afternoon we had family time, we did the decs, watched a movie together and then had dinner together, now the boys have legged it off before we make them do anything else with us and not let them play on their computers lol.

I managed to get some lovely pics of all the kids today... actually only a sulky one of Lola so I won't show you that one, but unusually some lovely ones of the boys so here they are:

Elsie with a red ball in front of her nose. it was Daniels idea to do it and to scrap it and title it Moodolph as we call her Elsie Moo

Mike adding some decs to the tree

Dan without a weird look on his face for a change, and instead a lovely smile x

Mike with a very cheeky grin!

And not the kids but just love this pic of my decs, the word NOEL stacked up as we were sorting it all out. 
Oh and just to finish this quick one off... a pic of Elsie moo posing as a kung fu queen!!!

again another [page to scrap, this time probably titled... Kung fu Moo Moo!! :)
Can you tell what we have been watching lately?!?!?!!

I have a page to show you that I finished today but I haven't taken pics yet so I might be back later with those xxxxxxx

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