Thursday, 26 September 2013

New class!!!!!!!!

An OMG I love it already!
Here's the page I created in less than an hour with some help from my cricut.

The prompt was to use something that we see in everyday life as inspiration.
One of the given suggestions was to do an eye chart so that's what I did.
I used the cricut and the mac to create the words to say what I wanted it to say. I was able to move the letters around and place them where I wanted. I decide to cut it out of the white so that they would stay in perfect position with the black underneath.
I added the red an green washi to represent the lines on the charts and added my photo of dan in an actual eye test, with paper clips to make it look like they have been clipped on to it.
Thanks for popping in today I hope to see you again soon xxxx

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  1. Love it Emma! Really cool idea which I may have to pinch! :o)