Tuesday, 24 September 2013

challenge time!

good afternoon blogettes!!!

as its tuesday I got to spend (half) the day with my fabby friend Carole via Skype as we crafted.... now usually we would do the same sketches together but today was a little different.

I was already through this first page that I'm going to show you so had to get this done before moving on. If you know me at all, you can probably guess that this took me a little while as I had to add faffing and its not my favourite thing in the whole world... but on this occasion and especially for this set of photographs it called for it.

The sketch was the final in the series of 4 by Emma over at page drafts... I'm sad and its a shame that I've done them all , but still Im sure it wont be long until more come along and for that I'm glad.

however..... Emma was so kind as to point me in the direction of THIS SITE
now in order to have a nosey about you do have to sign up but its free and wont be a waste of your time i promise. 
I only signed up this morning and once Carole and I had got to a new starting point that we could do something together , we did this....

Well, we didn't both do this, i did this page based on case file 90 on the above CSI site.
I love how it gives you so many 'clues' (inspirational pointers) to you and me... and yet its still so open to self interpretation that you wouldn't believe. 
For example, Carole and i have completely different scrapping styles and yet we both ended up with pages that we loved and from this same prompt. we even had to use the same palette of colours and yet mine looks bright and vibrant and hers are more muted. its so weird and it still shocks me even after this many years in the game at how different things can be even when given the same tools to work with.

So I used a lot of prompts but I also made up this page for myself, so no sketch or page to follow... it just came together and that makes me happy. 
Sometimes when I follow sketches etc for a long time I often wonder to myself if I actually have any creativity of my own left but things like this help me to find myself again. 
I hope you understand else I'm gonna look like a right weirdo :)

ok so 2 things for you to do NOW.... check out Emmas sketch site, she really is amazing at what she does, and i actually like that there are no other designer pages there to sway you in any direction!
and also sign up for CSI and see how you get on.... Carole was sooooooo not happy in the beginning about doing this with me, but come the end she smashed (her words) the challenge and made a page that she loves which in my mind is what its all about.

see you soon xxxxxxxxxx

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