Monday, 23 September 2013

C and E

so this morning I'm posting a page that I finished last night, I only didn't post it last night because I finished it just in time to grab a quick shower and plonk my butt in front of the tv just in time for the new episode of Downton Abbey to start.... love that show :)

this is the second sketch from the new blog I found and told you about in my last post, Page Drafts.
Im loving the fresh ideas that Emma is giving me, I haven't done a page like this in I don't know how long (if ever) so its great to give new things a try. 
As usual (and my apologies Emma) I added a few bits to make it my own and missed the swirly bits which aren't my style, but i do love the end result. 
So if you haven't taken a look yet please do so, you may be inspired to try something new too xxxxx

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous page Emma, thats teh great thing about sketches they are just a kick start and then you can make them your own by dding or subtracting elements. I love the palette in this one an dthe mix of patterns is cool!