Thursday, 12 September 2013

Give me away!

Good afternoon lovely ladies.

I've been feeling a little sorry for myself lately, I have been to the docs and have been told I have labrynthitis! I'd just call it a stupid head myself!!!
I keep spinning out, extreme dizzy spells which have in turn web making me a little sick and unable to concentrate. It's also not allowing me to move quickly, to bend to do everything that you would normally take for granted and it's driving me nuts.

Along side this illness I've been trying to set up a new business with my friend and so this stupid head is preventing me from doing what needs so that's also very frustrating. Hopefully I'll feel much better soon.

Anyways on to something that you may find interesting....

I've managed to do this page today with Carole's help. We squeezed in an hour between my struggle around Asda and Carole's work starting.

I love this photo of my grandad giving me away at my wedding, it's almost 5 years ago now! That's so scary xxxxx

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